Creating an Amazing Service Culture at Your Hotel

Maybe you’ve noticed lately that certain members of your staff aren’t giving their all to your clientele. They’re efficient and get the job done right, but there’s just something missing. They don’t seem to enjoy their work, and so they don’t try to go above and beyond. What can you do to change this? There’s a lot you can do to make your staff feel more appreciated and want to come to work. Here are just a few ways you can thank your staff and motivate them at the same time!

1. Social Media

You’ve probably got a blog, a Twitter, a Facebook, and so on. Why not thank your employees by saying a few words about the great job they’re doing, or even do an “Employee of the Week/Month/Year” profile? It shouldn’t take much time, but it shows your employees you notice the good things they do to help your business succeed. In turn, this will give them extra incentive to work just that little bit harder to achieve the same recognition.

2. Here’s your sign

We’ve all seen them: “Congrats to Laurie, our Employee of the Month!” on the billboard in front of a restaurant or store. Instead of advertising your nice rooms or good food, why not take a day each week to advertise your excellent service staff? They’ll notice, your clientele will notice, and you’ll feel good knowing you made someone’s day just a little brighter.

3. Take time to say thank you

In the crush of the workday, it may seem impossible to find even a spare minute. Even so, if you notice someone who seems to be struggling or who have gone the extra mile, taking just a second to ask if they’re okay or thank them for their excellent service can make a big difference in their life. It will also improve relations between other employees and your clients, which will improve the service culture you want to see.

4. Remember your employees are human too

In the current workplace jargon, employees are “human resources.” What many management professionals overlook is that the operative word in this phrase is “human.” Human beings, unlike machines, require challenge and change in their duties as well as praise and empathy. If you have an employee who’s having a hard day or dealing with unreasonably demanding clients, showing some empathy by taking a moment to commiserate can help improve their attitude and performance.

This is especially true of someone who you are aware of is having problems outside the workplace. Asking how her sick child is doing or if the marriage counseling he and his wife are in is helping may seem like an “out of bounds” conversation, but the rewards in terms of increased employee satisfaction and better service culture are worth it. Good employees always appreciate further training (like this RMLV course), so be willing to pay for that out of your pocket to further their career and better equip your hotel.

5. Remember that superior work demands superior rewards

If you have employees who are giving their all, a Christmas bonus or “performance bonus” outside of seasonal times is a good way to reward them tangibly for their diligence and dedication. The goal is not to encourage them to rest on their laurels, but to do even better in the upcoming year. Remember, the happier your employees are the more repeat business and better service culture you can expect!


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This post comes from Sarah Smith, who writes for Noosh Catering. The folks at Noosh are always working closely with hoteliers to ensure that conferences and big events hosted on hotel premises are memorable experiences.

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