Is your hotel ready for a digital transformation process that effectively will harness new operational excellence?

International Data Corporation (IDC) announced its worldwide information technology (IT) industry predictions for 2022 and beyond.

And their prediction outlines a dramatic shift towards digital-first that will help brands achieve new unique operational excellence.

The hospitality industry is screaming for innovative solutions that will help respond to the continuing disruptions as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

Digital-first is the answer if hotels embrace a digital transformation process that effectively harnesses new operational excellence.

Digital-first and value innovation

A digital-first strategy emphasizes the importance of an inclusive, diverse and broad approach that emphasizes digital elements whenever possible.

One key principle is the focus on value innovation. Here we focus on making the competition irrelevant by creating a leap in value for employees and customers and your hotel, thereby opening up new and uncontested markets.

Value innovation places equal emphasis on value and innovation.

Value without innovation tends to focus on value creation on an incremental scale, something that improves value but is not sufficient to make your hotel stand out in the marketplace to have a good view of what your hotel is offering now, And your hotel might identify that some of these offerings are irrelevant but never been questioned due to long-held industry standards.

Innovation without value tends to be technology-driven, market pioneering, or futuristic, often shooting beyond what employees and customers are ready to accept.

Value innovation will enable your hotel to translate data collected into concrete, actionable, strategic options that pursue both differentiation and low cost.

Creating a strong digital culture

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a tremendous challenge on the traditional revenue sources for hotels.

We are in a situation today where hotels have no other choice than look a digital technology to unlock new sources of revenue.

But hotels must start to create a strong digital culture first to avoid any unpleasant pitfalls.

Within any hotel team, there will always exist a natural hesitance towards any form of change. It does not matter if it is good or bad times.

Adaptability and resilience to a new reality are critical.

Start with the employees

One important objective with creating a strong new digital culture is to empower the hotel team to deliver results faster.

Everyone within your hotel organization will need to learn new behaviors and let old habits go.

This in itself can be a daunting task for many hotels. And that is why it is so important that your hotel starts with making friends and building relationships with your employees first.

To be successful, your hotel needs to provide development opportunities through training and coaching that help employees adopt a digital mindset and improve their digital skills.

Establish a clear story of digital transformation changes together with employees.

Engage with customers to embrace new solutions

With employees, customers, and people in the center you will help everyone achieve more, be more innovative, and use their talents and skills to the fullest.

Continue to focus on making friends and building relationships first. A digital transformation focuses on building trust and engagement.

For many brands, remote works are now the new norm. Digital transformation will support a new reality for hotels that supports voice and video meetings.

Today hotels have access to innovative digital tools and solutions that supports morale, wellbeing, and new cultural behavior.

Hotels have during the COVID-19 crisis adapted to new customers’ needs through new digital tools. Man customers have seen this as a tremendous convenience they are not willing to let go of.

The key for hotels is to reimagine how they can use similar and new digital tools to outperform tomorrow’s customer expectations.

Building a community of PEOPLE

“100% of customers are people. 100% of employees are people. If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business.”  – Simon Sinek

Many hotels today still is hesitant when I mention digital transformation. But the bottom line comes to that it is all about building a community of people.

Why are people so important for the success of digital transformation?

First of all, it is important for hotels today to collaborate with people that understand how particular technology contributes to digital transformation opportunities.

A lot of hotels today are also stuck in very basic and standardized data and when things do not go as planned the blame is directed towards technology. Digital transformation requires people with a good understanding of data and analytics.

We are looking at a shift towards data employees, data customers, and data creators.

Digital transformation also requires a focus on relevant processes. Reach people with an end-to-end mindset, abilities to rethink ways to meet customer needs, seamless connection of work activities, and the ability to manage across silos going forward.

And one very critical component is to seek people with new unique people skills that understand the human side of change.

Iterate towards value innovation and success

Digital transformation also represents an inclusive a diverse community.

Creative value innovation will help hotels with cost savings that are focused on eliminating and reducing factors the hotel industry competes on. It will also lift employee and customer value by raising and creating elements that hotels never offered before.

Hotels that accept a certain amount of risk at the price of value innovation and reward people for being adventurous will be in the best position to profit from digital transformation. If people feel safe to try new things, they will.

Digital Transformation Objectives for Hotels

  1. Create a digital transformation plan
  2. Include employees in the digital transformation journey
  3. Include customers in the digital transformation journey
  4. Create a digital transformation playbook to help employees take ownership and accountability of the task ahead during challenging times
  5. Create a digital transformation huddle for innovative content collaboration

Over to you

The hotel industry is always changing, especially during a time of crisis. Make sure to future-proof your business and continue attracting new guests by investing in these solutions.

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