Digital Marketing Trends Hoteliers Can’t Afford To Ignore In 2015

Many hotel brands get a steady stream of revenue from their digital marketing efforts. With consumers becoming more skeptical, it is important, now more than ever for hoteliers to be aware of digital marketing trends and changes so they can grow their reach and revenue as much as possible.

Here are some digital marketing trends that hoteliers can’t afford to ignore.

Mobile engagement

As many have predicted mobile users are increasing in numbers. Access to the internet on mobile devices is growing at a faster pace than desktop. That’s not to say desktop users are to be written off. Mobile sessions are not replacing desktop sessions, rather they’re an additional chance to engage these users.

Consumers are taking their phones with them and browsing during their downtime. Ensure you are directing your mobile users to mobile-friendly sites and content as much as you possibly can.

Social Media Users

The age of Social conversions is upon us

Marketers are often talking about the power of social network reach. However, what they are not mentioning enough is that there are lots of conversions that can and ARE driven from these platforms. Create a plan that includes monitoring the leads you generate so that over time you can adjust your techniques and increase the conversions you get from social media.

Adjusting your efforts for growth hacking

Many hoteliers have strict brand guidelines in terms of communication, including social media posts. These have often been in place for a long time and there can be a resistance to change. We are seeing some forefront thinking brands adapt to this new social media world and make adjustments to the type of content they put out to the masses with positive results.

Brands must engage their users with more than just their property and content. They need to identify with their audience and create a feeling. Make them laugh, feel moved or intrigued and you will see an increase in your reach and engagement which is sure to have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Content, Content, CONTENT!

This isn’t a new trend, however now more than ever content is king. It has gone beyond being something that will make your brand the best around. Today, you NEED to be creating high-quality content on your site and you also need to be promoting this via social media. Creating good quality blog posts regularly will increase your traffic

Integrating SEO and Social Media Marketing efforts

The trend in 2015 is for hotels to combine all of their digital marketing efforts to create a powerful plan that will work to not only increase your visibility but drastically increase your revenue. Often SEO gets discredited due to many providers not engaging in best practices, however, good quality SEO is still a key driver of traffic that will be more likely to convert. Creating optimized content on your site and then using social media to promote that content is how many brands are working effectively to increase their reach and their ROI.

As trends change hoteliers need to stay ahead of the pack by implementing tactics that might fall slightly out of your ordinary efforts. This is the way you will find ways to engage more users before your competitors do. Create a plan and engage with your audience as much as possible, regardless of what the platform is that you are communicating on. Remember to give a great human experience and leave a lasting positive impression on your audience.


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