Do your Hotel struggle with managing Social Media Content?

If you answer is YES, then you are not alone.

To get your Hotel started with this process I outlined The Ultimate Social Media Content Guide for Hotels.

Now we will tie this process to some simple strategic systems and techniques that you Hotel can start applying immediately.

Content Management Systems for Hotels

A content management system (CMS) is a strategic system that provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow people with little knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages to create and manage Hotel website content with relative ease.

Content Marketing is defined as “The art of communicating with your customers without selling!”.

When I tell Hotel owners and managers this it usually gets quiet for a period, and then the marketer and salesperson in them wonders “what’s the point then?”

In The Ultimate Social Media Content Guide for Hotels, I take yours through the Hotel Content Funnel that showcases the art of communication with your Hotels customers.

And when you follow this process you have positioned your Hotel highly in front of a highly-targeted audience.

The key to a successful Content Management System for your Hotel is to reverse engineer this process. If you turn the Hotel Content funnel around it gives you valuable insight into the Hotel Content Amplification process.

Hotel Funnel Amplification

The Hotel Content Amplification Process

Implementing the Content Marketing Matrix for Hotels focus on inbound marketing techniques that draw customers to your Hotels products and services.

Outbound marketing strategies allow customers to find your Hotel.

With a proper Content Management strategy, your Hotels Content Funnel will generate more online visibility for your Hotels website. Your Hotel will provide more value that supports and grow your network. And it will provide you with data that allows to optimize the content, change it and provide alternative solutions.

1. Identify – listen and identify relevant valuable content
2. Collect – curate content
3. Distribute Content
a. Create – write content
b. Share – schedule content
c. Engage – measure content
d. Interact – what’s happening in your Hotels Social Community
e. Collaborate – work with influencers, advocates, fans and guests
f. Respond – serve consumers and your Social Community
g. Track what works for your Hotel

Content management in a Social Media setting represents the ability to tell a compelling story that influences your Social Community to share this story favorably.

Why Content Management is Important for Hotels

The Hotel Content Amplification process will make sure your Hotels story is heard by travelers that are not familiar with your Hotel.

A great Content Management system allows your Hotel to;

1. Use Social Media more effective
2. Streamline Social Content
3. Improve online visibility
4. Improved customer service
5. Optimize content
6. Measure content
7. Track content
8. Generate awareness
9. Improve Social response
10. Improve ratings
11. Add new values to the customer experience

Optimize your Hotel Content Funnel

If you’re Hotel is looking to improve your Social Media content now is the time to take back control again.

  • Plan your content marketing projects ahead of time
  • Organize your content in an efficient way
  • Effectively execute your content marketing strategy

A Content Management system will allow your Hotel to get more done, more easily, with less stress.

Working with Hotels and for my blog, it was critical to find Content Management tools that allowed me to optimize my efforts.

I use and highly recommend Coschedule. Their calendar has been a time saver that allows me to spend more time on important tasks. Plus, social media publishing features like Social Automation and Best Time Scheduling make it easy to maintain a strong social presence with less effort.

Better organization will drive better results, no matter what you’re working on.


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