Eco-friendly practices are making a difference. Guests are now opting for green Hotels or Hotels with green practices. Observing a few eco-friendly Hotel practices can set your facility apart from the competition. That helps attract guests concerned with reducing waste emissions.

As a property manager, you are aware of the high costs of utilities. Wasteful labor, electricity, and water practices can drive your overheads up. Hoteliers need to be concerned about wasteful practices. Often, hoteliers use towels, toiletries, and sheets only a few times before discarding them.

Again, warming and cooling Hotel rooms may consume a lot of energy. Here are some of the practices that can help you lessen the effect of your Hotel on the environment.

Use of Eco-Friendly Amenities

Guests expect certain eco-friendly amenities in their rooms. Hotels are meeting the demand for eco-friendly amenities by providing recycling bins in each guest room, low-flow water fixtures, and LED lighting. Other green services may include the consumption of local foods that are geared towards protecting the environment. The use of coin laundry machines could also help a Hotel reduce water wastage. Besides, a coin-operated washing machine helps minimize the cost of laundry services.


A recycling program may not increase your bottom line, but it’s crucial for any hotel that wants to be eco-friendly. Hoteliers should place recycle bins in every room and around the facility. Make your kitchen staff and front desk agents aware of all your recycling initiatives. In some states, you might be fined for not having recycling bins.

California, for example, has hefty fines for any hotelier who fails to comply with recycling rules. While many other states may not currently have recycling rules, they are likely to adopt these practices in the future. Hotels should also install a greenwashing machine to help reduce waste production.

Train Your Employees

Your team is critical to the success of any eco-friendly initiative at your facility. Unless employees adopt your green initiatives, a towel reuse program, or placing recycle bins in each room won’t work. Therefore, create an environmentally conscious culture that encourages your employees to observe eco-friendly practices. Besides the recycling and towel reuse program, educate your staff on the following:

  • Turn on and off a greenwashing machine and large fans as necessary
  • Turn off lights in unoccupied rooms
  • Check leaking showers, faucets, and toilets
  • Open and close windows as needed
  • Identify wasteful practices and offer potential solutions

With your employees on board, you can lessen your property’s impact on the environment. Proper training helps you reduce energy and material costs significantly.

Buy Recycled Items

Being eco-friendly can be as simple as using recycled items. You can purchase recycled or partially recycled towels, toilet paper, and linens instead of using new products. Sometimes recycled products might be expensive than new products. As such, make sure you sustainably source recycled products. Look for eco-friendly cleaning supplies that will help you create a sustainable environment. Look for the best and cheapest way to source green products.

Obtain a Green Certification

One way to lessen your hotel’s effect on the environment is to get a green certification. Note that there are different green certifications available for hotels. Therefore, look for the one that best suits your facility. Each certification requires you to meet certain criteria. If you are interested in improving your sustainable practices, browse the internet to learn how to make a hotel eco-friendly. You may be needed to pay an annual fee to obtain a green certification.

Overall, there are many things you can do to make your hotel sustainable. Eco-friendly hotel amenities will not only make your facility more environmentally conscious but also saves you money. The largest cost contributors in a Hotel include labor, overheads, and utilities. Sustainable practices often help address all three.

Handling waste production is not an easy task. However, every little effort can help you take the right direction.

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