Creating remarkable content on Social Media can be a daunting task for many Hotels. But it doesn’t have to!

“It’s time for Hotels to take back control of their own Social Content!”

Content Marketing has soared in recent years. And there is no immediate sign this will stop.

Social Media brings on new “feisty Competition”

Every day I am getting emails that talks about Airbnb in one way or another. Just recently I got an alert from one of the many sources I curate content about Airbnb that got my attention.

The information I came over told me that the American Hotel & Lodging Association had proposed a study of Airbnb-like accommodations. The goal was to shed some light on the lack of safety at the short-term rental.

I have great respect for the American Hotel & Lodging Association and the important job they do. But I would have preferred to see a study that focused on what Hotels can learn from Airbnb.

Hilton has taken an approach where they see Airbnb as a Hotel ally.

The key is that Airbnb is not really a Hotel Competitor, it’s a Hotel Alternative.

How to become a Hotel Social Content Superhero

Airbnb is a peer-to-peer accommodation that disrupts the traditional Hotels, as travelers choose to love with the locals instead of staying in Hotels.

Social Media allowed Airbnb to identify that there was a new unique need for travelers. Trends in the past had been that disruptive innovators typically performed worse than mainstream service providers.

Airbnb adapted to how Social Communities worked, and they were over time able to transform the Social Community to their message.

Once the market had transformed Hotels was standing on the sidelines missing the opportunity to catch up satisfying new demands and needs.

If your Hotel wants to be a Social Content Superhero it is critical that you understand the new key drivers of success and can adapt to changed circumstances.

Content is the new key driver for Hotels

What Airbnb learned from the Communities is that there was a huge desire for sharing information that would add value to any given experience.

The first Airbnb hosts would share their accommodations in new creative ways and add valuable tidbits that triggered the Communities.

I must make one confession here, like many others I often told that Social Media has now put the customers in the driver seat. But I discovered that this was not really correct.

The key driver was CONTENT! With Social Media consumers gained access to detailed and very targeted information that was assisting them in the decision process.

And as Airbnb discovered consumers was sharing this information with large networks. What Airbnb stumbled over is what I call ‘The Content Amplification Process’.


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