Promoting your hotel through marketing is key to attracting more guests and increasing your bookings. But, hotel marketing trends come and go. This is in response to emerging technology and changes in consumer behavior. If you are to see enhanced results, you can’t argue about implementing the latest hotel marketing trends in your strategy. Staying on top of emerging trends allows you to take advantage of emerging trends that are relevant to your business to enhance results. That being said, here are a few latest trends that you should be aware of:

Include inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability in your messaging

Inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability are becoming an interest for most people. Many people want to associate with businesses that showcase these values. Guests are even willing to pay more for eco-friendly services. They also want to stay in hotels where they feel appreciated and included.

If you are upholding these values in your hotel, including them in your brand story can appeal to a wider demographic. Share on different platforms how you focus on sustainability by highlighting eco-friendly features in your hotel. Share also some of the things you do to create great experiences for diverse guests.

Contactless check-ins

COVID-19 shifted consumer behavior in the hotel industry. Guests would be delighted in hotels that are concerned about their hygiene. Highlighting some of the safety measures in your hotel marketing can be a good move to entice potential guests. Talk about contactless check-ins that allow guests to check in without making physical contact with your staff. For instance, they can use a mobile app to check in and book other hotel services.

Another advantage is that you don’t need to staff the reception desk. Your staff can focus on other pressing tasks as technology takes care of assisting guests.

Voice search

Voice search is a growing preference among many people. It allows people to search the web by voicing their queries rather than typing. You can leverage this technology to make it easier for your guests to find your hotel. Focus on using conversational keywords in your content among other voice search optimization techniques.

You can also leverage voice search in hotel rooms by installing smart speakers. Guests can use voice search to control lights, heating, music, and more in their rooms. They can also use it to book hotel services or find information that they need. Besides creating a great experience, it can be a great way to reduce the burden on room service staff.

Local marketing

Staying in local hotels has been a growing preference for travelers since the pandemic. A great number of people still opt to vacation near home even after the world opened up. To target such people, it is only prudent that hotels are focusing on local marketing in their strategy.

There is a lot that you can do to market your hotel to the local audience. You can start using local influencers and travel agencies to market your hotel. Most importantly, it is making sure that you are visible in local online searches. List your hotel on Google My Business and other directories. Also, start targeting keywords with local intent in your content.

But, local SEO can be tricky. Working with digital marketing professionals can ensure success in your efforts. Besides, an expert that understands your business can help you develop strategies that bring better results. If you are in Europe, compare several digital marketing outsourcing companies in Europe to find the right one for your hotel.

VR technology

Virtual reality tours are a growing trend in hotels’ digital marketing strategies. They allow guests to experience what a hotel looks and feels like from the comfort of their homes. This can be a great way to market your hotel facilities and services online. Use VR to immerse anyone looking to book your wedding, conference, dinner, or other events in what you offer. You can also let guests into local tourist attractions to entice them to book your hotel.


Marketing your hotel is important in building awareness and staying competitive. However, it can be hard to see any results if you are lagging behind the latest hotel marketing trends. Hotels are highlighting values such as sustainability and inclusivity in their brand message. Other trends include contactless check-ins, voice search, and VR. Focusing on local marketing is also important in targeting local vacationers.

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The hotel industry is always changing, especially during a time of crisis. Make sure to future-proof your business and continue attracting new guests by investing in these solutions.

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