What are your Hotel’s Social Media Marketing Pain points? Do you have some burning Social Media Marketing questions for your Hotel?

Social Media Marketing pain or frustration is a significant challenge for many Hotels today.

I will in this article address some of the common pain points and frustrations Hotels faces today. If your Hotel is looking for a quick fix solution, you have arrived at the wrong place.

This is a process where you can apply yourself towards the task of becoming a little better every day over a period of time, you will become a lot better.

The question will then become; “Did you make your best efforts and preparations to understand and overcome the pain points and frustrations?”

It is within pain points, frustrations, setbacks, and failures we identify the biggest opportunities.

Awareness of your Mindset

I am no different than you or your team members. We all experience different pain points, frustrations, setbacks, and failures in our lives.

I know that every time I experienced one of these mental trigger points, I tried everything in my power to avoid the feelings I had.  And all I ended up doing was to search for a quick exit route.

And of course, this only resulted in me creating a path that was extremely hard to handle mentally. I did as many do in these circumstances blame circumstances and others.

Every time this happens to me, I ended up giving up. This was the easiest and fastest solution for me to get out of a situation where I felt I was trapped.

Over time I discovered that changing circumstances and blaming others was not very productive.

I literarily made zero effort trying to learn from my processes and ended up with the same results every time.

It took me a long period to admit and acknowledge that I needed to change. But I have an awesome spouse that pushes me and allows me to fail.

Now I focus on what I can learn from my pain points, frustrations, setbacks, and failures.

Today I experience that my processes are taking my new and interesting places that give me new opportunities to learn and grow. I am today a student, teacher, and mentor.

I still experience pain points, frustrations, setbacks, and failures. But today they ignite new energy within me which a lot more effective and productive than what I ever experienced in the past.

Hard work and effort within strategic Social Media Marketing Frameworks for Hotel’s fuels my passion and love for the Hotel Industry.

I have now become more aware of my mindset. And I shifted from a fixed mindset towards a growth mindset.

How a Growth Mindset will solve your Hotels pain points

Growth Mindset

I did some research to better understand Hotels Social Media Marketing pain points. And the results were very interesting.

Top three pain points among Hotels;

  1. Content
  2. Engagement
  3. Online Visibility

And when I asked Hotels was the things, they were looking to improve with Social Media Marketing I got the results to be rather intriguing.

Top three things Hotels want to improve;

  1. Online Visibility
  2. Engagement
  3. Content

The top three things Hotels want to improve were the same as their pain points, but just in a different order.

If you have a fixed mindset as I had for a long period, your Hotels pain points will become your exit route.

I hear all the time that Social Media is not working, or it is hyped up. Trust me I daily study and research a lot of Hotels and Hoteliers on various Social Media channels. And on my Social Media profiles, I daily run into pain points, frustrations, setbacks, and failures that easily could justify looking for a fast and easy exit route.

But I know this will not help me, Hotels or Hoteliers. You see Online Travel Agencies and new competitors are looking at the opportunities Social Media Marketing provides to grow their channels.

They look at how they can solve both travelers and their own pain points with new technology and new tools. With a growth mindset, they learn from these pain points and use them to empower the traveler to make a booking anytime, anywhere.

With a growth mindset you start asking more challenging questions;

You had a setback or failure.

  1. What happened?
  2. What was your strategy?
  3. What were you thinking at the time?
  4. Describe the thoughts and feelings you are going through
  5. What have you learned that you can do better next time?
  6. What new strategies can you try?
  7. Who can you ask for help?
  8. What is your new plan?
  9. How will you deal with the thoughts and feelings that will keep you from trying?

I discovered that it was not circumstances or others that was my problem. The problem was that I did not have a process that allowed me to learn and grow from my pain points, frustrations, setbacks, and failures.

As I indicated today, I am a student, teacher, and mentor. But just like in the school of life, you can’t have parents, teachers or mentors be with you on every misstep you take. Discover the processes that took you to where you are today.

I want to help Hotels by learning from them, educate, and mentor them. All Hotels has the same opportunity to learn and grow. I will teach you and guide you through the process, and I will be there for you when you need help.

Invest in the Growth Mindset

As Hoteliers, we should strive to deliver a customer experience that goes beyond customer requests and expectations.

Hotels that invest and introduce a growth mindset will focus on the processes and tasks. They embrace every micro-moment as a learning opportunity.

Achieving this requires an investment in the human capacity to create adaptive and resilient employees capable of taking on challenges and seeking out different strategies to achieve goals.

To succeed Hotels must build a team’s force that is change-ready and a culture where learning is valued and setbacks are viewed as opportunities to grow.

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With the right team behind your Social Media efforts, it can become cost-effective and generate a new revenue stream for your Hotel.

We are in this together!

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