Hotel Social Relationship: The Sweet Taste of Success

What is it that keeps Hotel Decision-makers awake during the night. Hint it is not Engagement.

How Twitter Impacts Your Hotel

Today there are about 230+ Million monthly active users on Twitter. 500 Million Tweets are seat per day. 76% of active Twitter users are on Mobile. 77% of the accounts are outside the US. Twitter supports 35+ languages, and Vine has more than 40 Million users.

This data tells us that it is time for Twitter to make a real impact on your Hotel.

STOP ENGAGING! It is ruining your Hotel Network

All of us has been set up to engage on Twitter. This is all fine and dandy. The only flaw with this technique is that it doesn’t close the Twitter business deal for your Hotel.

OK, this require a little explanation.

Twitter is for many businesses the Social Network where customers initiate the first contact with them. Many see this as a Customer Service channel.

And the flaw in the Engagement technique is that many Hotels confuse this with some form of contract with the various parts involved. In an old-school Hotel setting, this is what most of us are familiar with. The Customer in many cases started out acting on a booking quest. The Marketing and Sales Teams will push out the bait and hook engagements exchange.

Once they made a booking with your Hotel a mutual contract is generated that reflect some form of service exchange between all involved parts. The Hotel would typically engage through their Reservation System to assist the Customer to set up their service engagement exchange. When the guest checks into the Hotel we start the journey of the Experience engagement exchange.

There is a little catch with Social Engagement, it brings on involvement and participation. We are moving from Engagement to Relationship Marketing.

Relationship Marketing is a shift where Hotels will focus on Customer Retention and Satisfaction, and not the Sales Transaction.

Optimize your Hotel Twitter Account for Customer Retention and Satisfaction

What now? Do I throw Engagement out the window?

No, the key is to create a shift towards Social Engagement and Relationship Marketing. And we need to make Social Engagement and Relationship Marketing more tangible. Very few Hotel Decision Makers is losing sleep over Social Engagement and Relationship Marketing.

Measure your Impact

Set your Hotels Twitter goals. Do you want to experience more Direct Bookings from Twitter? More Customers? Create awareness of exciting Hotel Projects?

How do you want to measure your Twitter Goals?

Follow growth? Follow quality and interaction? Reach? Traffic? Conversion?

You see now we are starting to ask questions that might trigger Hotel Decision Makers.

1. Start Sign up for Twitter Ads

Sign Up for Twitter Ads. The text here says Start Advertising. Don’t worry about this, you are just setting up the account here.

2. Login to Twitter Ads

Login to Twitter Ads

Inside the Twitter Ads Panel, you will have access to Analytics.

Twitter Ads Panel

Tweet Activity will show me a lot of valuable date from my Twitter Stream that gives me a better perspective of how effective my Twitter Strategies are.

Tweet activity

Twitter Followers let me identify that I am reaching my target market segments.

Twitter followers

2. Google Analytics

On Google Analytics I have set up a Twitter Template that shows me how visitors from Twitter arrive and interact with my blog.

Download Twitter Template for your Google Analytic account.

3. Nimble and Hootsuite

(*Disclaimer: Nimble and Hootsuite are Partner and Affiliate products)

For Twitter Relationship Marketing Nimble and HootSuite works really awesome hand in hand.

Hootsuite and Nimble

With HootSuite I can install the Nimble App that really allows me to add a new dimension to my Twitter Marketing Strategies.


From my Nimble Dashboard I can Add tasks/events, send message, log history, assign deals and attach files from my Google Drive and/or Dropbox.

4. is an easy Twitter Management channel. When I combine this channel with the previous channels mentioned here I have a High-End Relationship Marketing Channel that allows me to bring my Twitter Marketing Strategies to a new level.

Hotel Networking Pool

To understand How Twitter will Impact your Hotel there is no way around creating an effective Relationship Marketing Channel. The system I use comes with a price tag. My Relationship Marketing system costs me $24.99 per month. For Google Analytics I use the Free options. And HootSuite< also have a great Free Channel. One of the major Shifts for 2014 is that we will focus more on Targeted Social Network Marketing that will generate more Direct Bookings. Through Twitter Advertisement I will create campaigns that provide these implementations

  • Keywords in timeline
  • Interest
  • Geography
  • Gender
  • Similarity to existing followers

Now you might ask what is this going to do for my Hotel. I will include Hotels in my Hotel Networking Pool into my Twitter Rotation Campaigns. And implement this through new Twitter Channels that I will promote on my blog.

The Social Network Shift

2014 will be a year where I help Hotels shift their Social Network Focus. We will go beyond the traditional Engagement, and take Relationship Marketing Strategies to a new level that converts Tweets into Bookings.

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