Why Social Proofs Is Important For Hotels

Social proof (also known as the informational social influence) is a psychological and social phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior in a given situation.

For Hotels, critical factors like reviews and ratings are monitored through effective Reputation Management systems.

And for most Hotels, a great online reputation is a very good indication that guest expectations are exceeded.

Reputation Management is not about Social Media Monitoring

The real key to Reputation Management is to use it as ignition for content optimization.

Just get over it customers will talk about your Hotel either you like it or not! Social Media is simply a megaphone that helps them amplify their content.

Yes, it is important to monitor reviews, ratings and Social Media. I have over the years read a lot of research and reports, and all of them justify that Hotels need to keep an eye on reviews, ratings and Social Media.

On average about 90% of people surveyed indicated ratings on a review site played an essential role in their booking decision.

User-Generated Content plays a key role in decision process

And for leisure or business traveler’s user-generated content either it is good or bad will influence their booking decision.

Becoming more transparent and authentic

In today’s competitive market it is critical that Hotels can identify alternative solutions for customer real-time needs and wants.

Hotels need to enforce the Happiness Factor for their team. Allow your team members to talk about your products and service on the various Social Media channels.

Put in place a Social Media Task team that will respond to all types of content, and be proactive with Reputation Management. Today more than anytime your Hotels Reputation is earned!

Endorsement is the real Social Proof today

Five Stars, fine décor, great design, awesome employees, great product, and service is all foundations that Hotels can strive for. But if a few influencers tell their community they had a bad experience at your Hotels these labels will do you no good.

On the other hand, if your Hotel has received a compliment from an influencer on Social Media who is respected by your audience, go find it, and add it to your homepage.

Shift the spotlight on the customer

User-generated content is a great way for Hotels to shine the spotlight on customers and guests. If a guest had a great experience at your Hotel and take the effort to write a blog post about it the opportunity is all yours.

Residence Inn By Marriott creativity is really awesome. With their brilliant campaign #riruns where they partnered with Armour Connected Fitness, they let guest showcase a featured running route.

On this campaign, they utilize Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Social Proof leads to compliance

Social proof is more powerful when being accurate is more important and when others are perceived as especially knowledgeable.

User-generated content has a major positive impact on your Hotels online visibility because your customers amplify your message by sharing their feelings about and experiences with your brand.

Often a review is not what makes the huge difference if the customer is going to make a booking or not with your Hotel.

What makes the real difference is when the review captures a story that triggers the customer’s emotions. Their emotions are what will impact their rationale.

The Personalized experience

As I started out with Reputation Management is not about Social Media monitoring, it is about understanding how user-generated content will impact your Hotels reputation.

Travelers today are more likely to book with a Hotels that offer a personalized recommendation.

And personalized recommendations that come from influencers in their community will trigger their emotions and turn their rationale into a direct booking with your Hotel.

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