How Airlines and Hotels Can Do Cross Promotions Over Social Media

This post comes from Adagold Aviation, which has been blogging and using social media as a way of attracting new clients for several years now. They’re also not shy to hook up with other travel brands to multiply impact through cross-promotions.

Cross-promotion over social media is one of the most recommended marketing techniques for companies in the travel industry. Airlines and hotels can work together to cross-promote and offer bundle deals. Studies have shown that cross-promotional deals can help business partners expand their customer base and lead to a bigger marketing payoff. Here are some of the advantages of cross-promotions over solo marketing and how they can be integrated into your existing marketing plan:

1. Offer a Reduced Price for Customers Who Buy Services Together

When you offer a reduced price for purchasing services together, people typically buy more products and services. This is why companies are recommended to try this approach because it promotes sales for two companies at one time.

2. Print Joint Promotional Messages on Your Receipts

Print joint promotional messages on your receipts to promote more sales. You could offer a coupon for discounted air charter or jet charter when a customer books a night with your hotel. These promotional messages will generate more business for both the hotel and the airline. It makes customers feel appreciated, and they tend to shop where their business is appreciated.

3. Cross-Promote in the Same Location

Sell airline tickets in the same place that hotel nights are booked. The most common way this is accomplished is through an airline agent either online or in-store. This method of cross-promotion is effective because it’s convenient, and the value is apparent immediately.

4. Hang Signs at Your Partner’s Business

If customers view an advertisement at their hotel that they’ll receive a discount for buying airfare in conjunction with the hotel stay, they are more likely to participate. Signs are an effective cross-promotional technique.

5. Mention Your Business Partner When You Advertise at Local Events

When you advertise at local events, mention your business partner. Mentions will generate more sales and also help during slow times. For instance, a travel agency may open on a college campus and promote both hotels and airlines during the opening promotional event. A joint interview would be an effective way for airlines and hotels to advertise together.

6. Co-Host a Celebrity Event

Often, one company, alone, cannot afford expensive promotions. Together, these events are more affordable. If the airlines and hotels can attract a crowd, the events can be quite effective. Hosting a concert and mentioning the cross-promotional deal is one way to accomplish the goal. Subtle advertisements, such as the name of both companies behind the artist, will help to promote the products.

Cross-Promotions Over Social Media are Effective

If you want more sales, you should try cross-promotions. They are highly effective and can be affordable when two companies join forces. Try cross-promotions to help your company excel.

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