Crowne Plaza® Hotels and Resorts believes in using the power of human connections to create meaningful experiences.

What can we learn from how Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts use strategic meeting influencers to scale the customer experience?

Identify the right Influencer

My friends at Crowne Plaza® Hotels and Resorts want to make sure the customer has it all to help them boost productivity, energize their body, and feel inspired during uptime and downtime.

This is a gutsy, fun, and creative mission that supports value innovation and triggers the customer experience.

Let us take a deep dive into the perspective of how Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts has turned influencers into effective and valuable brand ambassadors.

It first starts with understanding influencers and then how your Hotel can use their network to add new values to existing customer markets, and also reach new uncontested customer markets.

An influencer is typically a person who has a real influence on a group of people in a given setting.

I categorize these influencers into three categories;

1. Local Hero

Many Hotels find some of the most valuable connections in the local community. Do your research and identify new and creative ways to connect with locals.

2. Industry “Expert”

Savvy brands connect with a wide diversity of Industry experts that will add additional value to both the Hotel and their customers.

3. Celebrity

Utilizing a celebrity requires a little finesse. But done in the right setting this can be very effective.

Typically, influencers get involved in short-term campaigns with Hotels.

Either your Hotel is looking to work with a Local Hero, Industry “Expert” or Celebrity you have to do some research.

And today with Social Media we all leave our digital footprints throughout various channels. Connecting and working together with the first and best that indicate they are a Local Hero, Industry “Expert” or Celebrity is not something I will recommend.

Social Media is just part of the puzzle that will help you identify if the influencer is the right fit for your Hotel.

You have to identify they have a large network that likes and trust their information.

Learn if the influencer has a habit of making introductions. Do they curate valuable content and introduce new information to their community? And do they implement an effective and powerful call to action?

Learn also how much the conversations are impacted by the influencer. When you research the influencer, make sure to identify if conversations they initiate creates effective retentions.

The Journey from Influencer to Brand Ambassadors

One element that is effective for many Hotels is to invite an influencer to become brand ambassadors.

Brand Ambassadors are typically hired for long-term campaigns. In this case, this is what Crowne Plaza® Hotels and Resorts have done.

They brought on board a Master Event Strategist, and Experiential Design Director, an Event Design & Technology Director, and a Personal Branding Expert.

The concept here was to take the Hotels Meeting and Event to a new level helping customers boost productivity, energize their body, and feel inspired during uptime and downtime.

Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts has defined their Brand Ambassadors as Meeting Mentors to fit the particular segment their campaign revolves around.

This is taking Value Innovation to a new level. These brand ambassadors share tips and strategies that both the Hotels and customers can take advantage of. And they introduce effective stories that customers easily can relate to, which sets up a smooth and effective transaction.

And each of the Meeting Mentors utilizes their network and channels to share the stories.

One example is that the Personal Branding Expert is a LinkedIn aficionado that specializes in genuine content that’s relatable to various audiences. And the tips provided on Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts website relates to how you can amplify your next event on LinkedIn.

And top it all Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts has added case-studies from the experience created through the Meeting Mentor so others can learn.

Is your Hotel thinking outside the box? Do you want to learn how you can apply the concept from Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts to your Hotel? Then jump in a Free One-on-One session and learn more.

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