What’s a hotel without guests? Not only do they lend the financial support your business needs, but they provide word-of-mouth advertising for friends and family members who travel, too.

As such, you want to bring in as many guests as you can. A hotel consultant makes it its mission to boost the number of customers coming into your accommodation. Here’s how.

1. Plan Buzzworthy Events

Hotel consultants know how to drive guests into your hotel, and they know the right event will push people to visit your hotel. As such, consultants can plan events that build buzz for your establishment. For instance, a hotel in the mountains might stage a wintertime skiing competition, while a beachfront property could host summer bonfires or concert series.

2. Improve Technology

Another way to better your hotel is through technology. A consultant will undoubtedly be familiar with the latest advances in the hospitality industry, and they will bring such improvements to your establishment. In turn, guests will appreciate the upgrades in your establishment’s user-friendliness.

For instance, many hotels have adopted smartphone-centric technology, which allows guests to personalize their stays with you. They can control the temperature or order room service from their devices. A hotel consultant can help you implement such technology, which increases guest satisfaction.

They might be able to help with some behind-the-scenes cost-saving technology, too. For instance, smart energy stands as one of the top tech trends in hotels right now. Automatic lighting and thermostats can help cut your costs and keep everyone comfortable.

3. Re-Train Staffers

Over time, your staff may become bored or complacent in their customer-facing roles. Guests can sense this, and they might hesitate to return to your hotel if they feel your team lacks enthusiasm.

A consultant can come in and change all that, though. They can evaluate your team and point out the areas in which they can improve. Not only that, but a consultant can lead the necessary training sessions or seminars required to get everyone back up to snuff.

4. Hone Branding

Does your hotel’s website truly represent the experience of a stay with you? A hotel consultant can answer that and any other questions you have about your property’s branding methods. They can also make sure you stand out in a crowded field — plenty of hotels market to customers, both in print and online.

So, your hotel consultant will start by evaluating how you draw in customers at present. They will figure out if what you’re doing is enough to attract the most clients to your establishment. Then, they’ll come up with a way to differentiate you from the many other choices customers have when it comes to their lodging. This step’s especially valuable on the internet, where every chain and small business advertises, too.

5. Boost Property’s Usability

Every hotelier should know the type of client they attract — do you bring in more business or leisure travelers? If you can’t answer that question, a hotel consultant can help you figure it out. Then, they can also improve your offerings to further attract business from your target audience.

For instance, let’s say your consultant conducts a survey of your guests and finds the majority of them stay for business trips. From there, they might suggest adding some of the most in-demand features among professional travelers. Examples of such must-haves include breakfast, in-room workspaces, and social events if you bring in business people who are on long-term trips.

6. Put Packages Together

Your hotel isn’t the only draw in the area, right? A hotel consultant knows how to attract guests by reminding them of all the exciting things to do in your town. Not only that, but a consultant can work with local attractions, restaurants and activity guides to put together promotional packages. Those who book with you can explore your city for a discounted rate.

Even without packages, though, a consultant can improve your website to ensure you advertise your closeness to such activities and landmarks. After all, this may be the primary reason tourists stay with you — your proximity to an attraction or must-see. The right packages and advertising can draw in even more people to your accommodation.

7. Amplify Social Media Presence

Finally, you can have your hotel consultant take advantage of social media. Not only does this mean setting up an Instagram or Facebook page, but also interacting with current and potential guests. Posting about upcoming events or attractions will improve their stays and entice others to book with you.

On top of that, you can use social media to respond to any negative comments or reviews about your establishment. You can’t erase every review that paints your hotel in a negative light, but you can reply in a way that shows potential guests your true colors. Ignoring or deleting won’t work, and your hotel consultant will know that.

Hotel Consultants: Worth It

The above ideas represent only seven ways a hotel consultant can be of value to you and your business. The bottom line is, you can’t go wrong in hiring an industry expert to better your hotel and boost your business. So, if you want to increase the number of fresh faces and repeat customers at your establishment, don’t hesitate — hiring a consultant is worth it.

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