Artificial Intelligence will become the next disruptive customer experience trend. A Hotel that position and prepare itself for this is opening their palms to tap into new uncontested Social Media Audiences, without breaking the budget.

Research shows that Artificial Intelligence will be the most disruptive advanced technology over the next decade.

This will open a new world for Hotels with access to the almost near-endless amount of data and advances in deep learning technology.

My friends at Avvio did research showing us how Artificial Intelligence will impact Hotels, staff, and guests.

Deep learning technology will enable Hotels to overcome common barriers such as skills, standardization, and complexity.

Online travel agencies have already been experimenting with some of the early stages of Artificial Intelligence. Expedia has used it to help Hotels put the right photos in front of the right traveler. Travelers spend less than a second deciding what they think of a Hotel today. Make sure your Hotels photos are worthy of an Instagrammable moment.

Deep learning technology will allow Hotels to tailor unique images to fit every customer type.

Artificial Intelligence Project Management the first step for Hotels

Hotel AI

Project management Artificial Management is a system that can perform the day-to-day management and administration of projects and tasks without requiring human input. It will not only automate simple tasks but will also develop an understanding of key project performance.

Project management AI can then use this understanding to uncover insights, perform more complex tasks, make recommendations, and make decisions; sometimes in ways, people just can’t do today.

Ultimately, an AI system will save your Hotel time and cost while improving outcomes for your Hotel’s projects and team.

The important part for Hotels is to start with the simple projects that allow them to integrate Artificial Intelligence in effective ways that also is in line with the value proposition.

The future of Hotels with Artificial Intelligence

Avvio raises an important question related to Artificial Intelligence; “What Happens to Humans and Jobs when Artificial Intelligence arrives?”.

I believe Avvio brings out a valid point that we as humans have to not look at it as the machines are not replacing humans, rather humans working together with machines.

Artificial Intelligence and new technology, in general, will allow Hotels to identify trends and patterns in customer and guest behaviors.

This will allow your Hotel team to focus on optimizing micro-moments that will add new values to the customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence will allow Hotel Team members to tailor and personalize the experience based on the new hyper-targeted relevant information.

Customer Experience will still require the human touch

Over the years we as Hoteliers have focused a good portion of customer service on empathy.

It will take a long time before Artificial Intelligence is capable of simulating human empathy.

The interesting aspect here is that studies have shown that humans are not requiring empathy for all forms of transactions. Sometimes a guest arriving to check in just want their room to be ready to have to bother with empathy.

Artificial Intelligence will help identify patterns where human interaction and empathy are more critical. It will provide a unique opportunity for Hotels to modernize the customer service element.

Artificial Intelligence beyond cost savings

Avvio suggests some creative applications of Artificial Intelligence such as; optimizing housekeeping, by approximating early check-in need or late check-out or predicting maintenance work done to rooms.

Consumer demands are trending towards experience suggestions from the Hotel team.

The Hotel has to start to focus on new alternatives to stay competitive.

Artificial Intelligence has to potential to go beyond cost savings for Hotels. It can help eliminate duplicate processes and automate some of the customer service processes.

Not only will help the Hotel Team by simplifying processes but also it makes it easier for the customer to discover the Hotels offerings based on their individual needs. It will help the customer achieve more purposeful goals while traveling.

Artificial Intelligence is the path to create new unique Hotel alternatives through automation and applications.

Hotel teams that start taking advantage of project management artificial intelligence will be moving at light speed compared to the competition that will sit on the fence.

Avvio is developing systems that are helping Hotels create tomorrow’s “Wow!”.

They recently launched Allora, an artificially intelligent Hotel website, and booking engine.

Their goal has never been building a high-tech booking engine, but rather working on personalizing the entire process: good booking engines should be active, rather than passive, and, similarly, a good Hotel website experience should be personalized, and not merely a digital brochure.

And they tried to bring that human touch out of the confines of the Hotels to the whole travel experience: from the first interaction with the website down to months or even years after the stay.

This is where AI becomes remarkably valuable, and not a simple buzzword.

Artificial Intelligence and Social Media

Artificial Intelligence is already an integrated part of Social Media.

A lot of Hotels today are utilizing LinkedIn to seek out potential members for their Hotel Team. LinkedIn invested in Bright, a company that enables the site to offer better candidate matches for both employers and job seekers. It takes into account the user’s hiring patterns, work experience, and similarities in job descriptions.

The integration of Artificial Intelligence with Social Media has, in turn, increased the accuracy of Social media and online Hotel marketing. So, from the perspective of online media services such as Google and Facebook, having AI programs that understand customer personal interests and feelings should help improve the Hotels online experience, as well as enjoyment with technology overall.

From a Hotel and Social Media Consultant’s standpoint, the Social Media Community can offer Hotels a one-stop shop for managing their Social Media marketing such as the community infrastructure, database, listening functionality, profile management, collaboration, content marketing and management, and of course, the analytics.

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Avvio leads the way with innovative solutions for Hotels and accommodation providers. They developed the world’s first AI booking engine to exceed the ever-evolving needs of properties across Europe and North America, whilst delivering outstanding performance in direct revenue growth.

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