Are you ready to discover How the Growth of Business and Leisure Will Help Create a New Momentum that Drives Greater ROI for Hotels?

The rapid growth of business travel extended for leisure, or Bleisure will reshape the Hotel Experience and drive new exciting opportunities.

A recent collaboration between Skift and Expedia reveals that the lines between business and leisure are becoming increasingly blurred as more and more business travelers extend trips to make the most of their time away from home, or office.

And we know that millennials and Generation Z travelers bring with them on average three mobile devices. Laptop, smartphone, and tablet are among the primary devices they travel with.

Wearables and IoT are trending among younger travelers.

The biggest roadblocks that Hotels face today with this shift is how to deal with the amount of data shared in real-time.

And today’s business and leisure travelers’ journey are identified through their digital footprints.

For many Hotels, some of their most attractive customers are corporate travelers.

This provides a golden opportunity for Hotels. Online Travel Agencies are not typically designed to cater to this growing trend where travelers combine business and leisure.

Not very surprising research shows that the younger travelers are more adventurous combining business and leisure to create a new unique experience.

Building a real-time experience for Bleisure travelers

Today Hotels has to be prepared to deliver a delightful experience in real-time.

This is about delivering and seamless experience through all types of multimedia devices.

Get to know each customer by creating dynamic profiles based on interactions with your content. Your Hotel needs a robust solution that allows you to map travelers journey from prospect to a loyal customer.

With a quality relationship with the customer, your Hotel will show up during their research.

Hotel Real Time Information

But more important than if the customer should prefer a competitor complement them and learn how you can improve.

Just because you did not earn their business this time you still have a great opportunity to leave a lasting impression.

With the proper technology and tools your Hotel position itself to learn more customers and how they discovered your website or campaigns.

And with a native advertisement, your Hotel can put the digital user experience at the center.

Hotels want to attract and retain business and leisure travelers by delivering personalized ads across search, display, and Social Media.

This will allow you to create tailored personalized information to improve their customer experience.

Hotels want to deliver corporate clients with the most relevant and up-to-date information that meets their requirements when they most need it.

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Bleisure Travelers Unique Purpose

Bleisure Travelers has a unique purpose and will build their experience around this purpose.

Research data from Expedia show that;

  • 67% travel for a conference
  • 46% travel for external meetings
  • 42% travel for sales
  • 30% travel for an internal meeting
  • 5% travel for other

And this can happen anywhere;

  • 51% of Bleisure travel is domestic travel
  • 52% of Bleisure travel is international travel

Business trips that are two nights or more, and far away from home, are most likely to convert to Bleisure.

The most interesting aspect is the factors that make business traveler extend for Bleisure.

  • 48% extend for great entertainment/activity
  • 43% extend for bucket list/must do
  • 38% easy to navigate local area
  • 38% how many nights they stay
  • 37% how close to a weekend
  • 37% additional personnel costs
  • 34% great recreation
  • 32% of friends can come

And the factor that makes a great Bleisure destination include important factors like;

  • Great food that capitalizes on the rise of culinary trends
  • Sightseeing, both natural and historic. This can also be promoted in connection with other activities and experiences.
  • Museums, art, and culture

We have seen studies done among Millennial travelers that have indicated that instead of the traditional perks guests earn from loyalty points they prefer to exchange it with these new factors that add a new unique value to their experience.

Hotel & Spa Tech Live is Europe’s leading event for the technology, systems, products, and services that are breaking new ground in the hotel and spa sector. The event takes place on the 25th & 26th of September 2018 at ExCeL, London. Register for your free ticket NOW here.

Maximize your Hotels ROI with Bleisure Travelers

Today we know that Airbnb for Work is now one of the fastest growing businesses within Airbnb.

With that said data shows that Bleisure travelers find Hotels more appealing due to easy check-ins and shared communal areas.

One of the most interesting stats from the Expedia research shows that as much as 67% of business travelers want to have the ability to extend their trips for leisure.

Today we see several savvy brands that include travel perks to attract talent. And since travelers on average bring with them 3 Smart Devices this allows them to stay in contact with their employer.

For Millennials, we truly see that Hotels becomes their home away from home.

Hotels will have to start creating campaigns that tailor Bleisure travelers.

It all comes down to innovation and creativity.

Corporate customers are looking for new ways for their employees to enjoy a more balanced work and personal life.

Combining business and leisure solutions provides new unique simple alternatives for Hotels.

I have loved with all of my heart and soul serving customers, guests, and Hoteliers. As a Hotel Experience Ambassador, I gained a new passion for being a representative and messenger delivering new profound and delightful experiences.

If your Hotel wants to implement new effective success factors then now is the time to be part of a new initiative.

When your Hotel serves your community they will reward you back with serving you.

From a Hotel and Social Media Consultant’s standpoint, the Social Media Community can offer Hotels a one-stop-shop for managing their Social Media marketing such as the community infrastructure, database, listening functionality, profile management, collaboration, content marketing and management, and of course, the analytics.

A Social Media Community will help your Hotel to grow smarter and faster when you focus on the value proposition and collaborate in effective ways.

If your Hotel need help to put it all together then make sure to let us know.

With the right team behind your Social Media efforts, it can become cost-effective and generate a new revenue stream for your Hotel.


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