What is the recipe for creating a force of engaging and happy customers for your Hotel?

The simple answer is that first, you meet their expectations, second, you look for creative ways to exceed their expectations.

Engagement in the Hotel work environment has for many years been very low. In many cases, a large portion of the workforce was just going through the motions or actively seeking to disrupt other employee’s productivity.

With Social Media people are now aspiring to make a difference in a disruptive world. They want to change to world for the better. Connectivity, a renewed connection with old friends, and being part of an active community makes their energy soar and heart beat faster.

People are open to showcase their creative side despite how vulnerable it potentially could make them.

This brings on both new opportunities and challenges.

Hotels that challenge people’s views and the status quo without compromise integrity, humanness, transparency, and privacy will discover how to make disruptions create new opportunities.

The Pursuit of Happiness

In a Social Media Framework for Hotels the first step we look at the cognitive perspective.

Cognitive perspective represents emotions that trigger perceptions, judgment, reasoning, remembering, and how people use their intellect.

One interesting aspect of Social Media is that people today want to be recognized both as professionals and human beings.

In the pursuit of happiness, people want to be involved in strategic decisions that affect them. Hotels brands that take advantage of this and work for the customers newly gained knowledge build collective wisdom that will add extraordinary values for everyone involved.

And then after this Hotel teams should provide customers with a clear account of the thinking that underlies the strategic decisions reached each step towards creating an extraordinary customer experience.

This allows the Hotel to educate customers creatively. It all cumulate with the Hotel setting clear expectations of what customers can expect, and what their role and responsibilities are.

Customer expectations often are seen as the most challenging aspect of the Hotel experience. When you follow the strategic steps in a Framework customers will know what the goals and milestones are, and who is responsible for what. This will make them feel safe and respected.

Customers enjoy the concept of surprise and delight. But it is equally important to add these elements in a context, so the added value is perceived as above and beyond the clear expectations.

Happiness leads to raving fans

A key foundational principle to turn customers into raving fans is to start to serve your audience. A successful Hotel today has to provide value and serve their audience in some way, shape, or form.

Hotels today has to be committed to ongoing improvements, excellence, and innovation. An effective framework that supports on-going training and continually improve best practices will raise the Hotel team standards.

When you and everyone at your Hotel Team are committed to doing whatever it takes to make your you earn a raving fan today that is when you move your customer into the sphere of your community.

In the end, it comes down to that your Hotel team shows that you care about every micro-moment that will be part of their customer experience.

Obstacles that comes in your pathway is a signal to look for creative alternatives. Help is often a lot closer than you think.

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