Do your Hotel Owners ponder and keep asking what effective Content Marketing strategies are really all about?

I bet you the first things that pop up in their mind are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and blogs.

And I understand this mindset. Many marketers including I have plugged in the Social Media Marketing amplifier with our content.

Over the years I did a lot of research, talked with Hotels and hoteliers, and learned that content is the number one challenge when it comes to Social Media.

When I saw Hotel Owners’ mindset in context with the overall challenge that kept coming up over and over again, I started to understand the source of this challenge.

The Hotel Owners’ perceptions were that I and other marketers were talking about Social Media Marketing once we started to talk about Content Marketing.

Indeed, today content marketing involves Social Media. And I and my team members of my Social Media Management partners use content marketing as an important core element of the services we provide for Hotels.

But Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing are two separate strategies that will involve different reference points, goals, and processes.

So, let’s take a look at how effective content marketing strategies really can help your Hotel.

Why have a Content Marketing Strategy?

Because content marketing is all about storytelling, and humans have told stories for as long as they could speak. Our attention will always go to those who tell great stories.

While content marketing involves a variety of different types of content, the mark of great Hotel storytelling is putting the customer at the center of a journey, with your product or service as the solution that empowers them to succeed.

Before creating any form of content, let’s start at the most obvious point: your Hotels goals.

Identifying overall Hotel marketing goals and key messages can lead to more focused and effective content that highlights your strengths and meets your targeted customer’s needs.

Before you begin mapping out a content marketing plan, it’s a good idea to lay out the basic components of your Hotel, service, and targeted audience.

From a Social Media Management perspective, we see this in context with identifying the ideal customers for your Hotels content.

And when we see content marketing in context with Social Media your targeted audience looks a little different than the traditional offline market segments.

Here is how we group the relevant targets for your Hotel on Social Media;

  • Lurkers – undetected users
  • Fans – Social Media cheerleaders
  • Brand Advocates – faithful intense customers
  • Brand Ambassadors – Social Media brand endorses
  • Influencer – Relevant influencer

From here we start mapping the Customer Journey.

Customer Journey

And once we have a good picture of the customer journey we see this in context with traditional market segmentation strategies where we identify data relevant to;

  • Geographic
  • Demographic
  • Psychographic
  • Behavioral

Hotel Market Segment

A content marketing strategy will help your Hotel understand where and how to distribute relevant stories that will create big results.

Types of Content

Once you have an outline of your Hotels Content Marketing strategy, we start looking at the stories that will bring out the most value for your Hotel.

A Hotel blog is a great way to position yourself as a thought leader that customers will want to learn more from.

White papers are effective in combinations with a Hotel blog, but it requires a little work.

eBooks often is a great giveaway where you can include relevant Hotel stories. Today some tools help to create eBooks very easily from already existing blog articles.

Snackable Visual content has become very effective and popular. This can be delivered through live streaming from your Hotel.

Case studies are very effective content that works both as a lead magnet and call to action trigger.

Educational Webinars are extremely popular today because the conversion rate here is so high.

A podcast is a really great way to add additional value to your Hotels customers.

Infographics can organize and visualize data in a more compelling way than words alone.

Your Content Marketing Publishing Plan

Content Marketing goes beyond creating content. It also requires you to organize the content.

It is critical for your Hotels success that you create a content marketing calendar so you can promote and manage your campaigns.

We know the ideal customer, we have a better understanding of the customer journey, we produced the content, and now we put in context that helps us better understand how the customer will respond.

A content marketing calendar helps us align your Hotels content with key performance indicators.

Fortunately, we now can choose from a variety of metrics to measure your content marketing success, ranging from more easily-tracked metrics like page visits to data that is collected by a Customer Relationship Management system or service automation tools.

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