How To Celebrate Christmas This Year Like A Professional Traveler

The Christmas Holiday is one of the busiest seasons for travel in the US. During this period the number of long-distance travel (50 miles or more away from home) increase with 23 percent compared to average numbers for the remainder of the year (with the expectation of Travel during Thanksgiving where travel increase with 54 percent).

Most long-distance holiday travel, about 91 percent, is by personal vehicles, such as by car.

Among 7-8 percent of professional travelers travel long-distance during Christmas.

The average age of Christmas travelers is just above 36 years old.

Enjoy the perks of a Holly Jolly Christmas Hotel

There’s no place like home for the holidays—unless you can treat yourself to a Hotel instead.

Why not take the opportunity to let someone else do all the work for you that comes with this Holiday. The Christmas season brings out the best in Hotel resorts around the country, as festive décor enhances warm, welcoming environments. This year, pack up the family and celebrate the holidays with the charm and comfort of one of the great Christmas-season Hotels in the U.S.

With gigantic Christmas trees, light shows, and even slides made of ice, a stay at one of these resorts guarantees a very merry Christmas indeed!!

Live, love, travel and let Hotels around the country entertain you and your family.

Here are a few pros and cons if you opt to spend time at one of the many great Hotels here in the US this Christmas.


  • You can have privacy and quiet time when you need it.
  • You get alone time with your significant other and/or with your spouse and children.
  • You share a bathroom with fewer people.
  • There’s always hot water, no matter what time of the day you decide to shower.
  • You get to sleep in a big, comfortable bed, meaning you get a good, comfortable night’s rest.
  • You wake up when you want to and how you want to.
  • You can fall asleep when you’re ready and don’t have to deal with your loud, nocturnal family members.
  • Maids take care of your dirty towels, take out your trash and make the bed for you every day.


  • It does cost money to stay in a Hotel.
  • You have to drive back and forth from your hotel and your family’s house.
  • Staying in a Hotel takes you away from your family, meaning less time you get to spend with them.
  • You sometimes have to buy food and drinks separately.

Here are some tips that will help you enjoy the Christmas Holiday like a Professional Traveler.

Source: Sheraton Athlone Hotel


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