How To Get Your Hotels First 1000 Highly Targeted Twitter Followers

Twitter has over the years evolved into a very effective microblog. It is no longer just a 140 character status update. It is an eco-system where Hotels can impact consumer decisions and actions. Earning highly targeted Twitter Followers has become an art.

Consumers today will engage with their Social Communities and they heavily rely on information they gather from what they consider to be authorities in their Community.

Your Hotels authority is in large degree defined by the quality of your Twitter Followers. The number of Twitter Follower your Hotel have been important. More quality Twitter followers equal opportunities to get more bookings.

The bad news is that unless you are some celebrity or famous in other ways of growing your Hotels Twitter followers takes time and attention daily.

Note: Buying followers in bulk from a third party is something I advise your Hotel to avoid. This will damage your Hotels report on Twitter. And in worst case get you banned.

I will share with your Hotels some legit and very effective methods to get your Hotels first 1000 Highly targeted Twitter Followers.

Build and optimize your profile

Twitter is a real-time information and engagement platform where people can discover what is happening in the world right now. With over 300 million active monthly users, it is a huge potential for Hotels to reach consumers no matter where they are or what they are doing.

Your Hotels Twitter Profile should show the world who you are. The first impression is crucial for your business presence in general and on Twitter. Did you know it takes only from three to five seconds for someone to form a first impression?

  1. Choose a unique @username that emphasize your Hotels brand and identity
  2. Choose an image that represent your Hotel and that fits in the area for your Profile Image. Recommended size is 400×400 pixels
  3. You have 160 characters to tell a story. Set the scene and start describe the uniqueness of your Hotel
  4. Add a URL for your Hotel. Make this a trackable link
  5. Get extra creative with your header and showcase your Hotel with a large and rich image. It is ok to feature product, service, event, occasion, season, attractions, restaurant or amenities. Recommended size is 1500×500 pixels
  6. Pin a tweet for maximum exposure. A pinned tweet will be on top of your Twitter timeline

Building a Content Strategy

Twitter can be a very valuable and effective tool for your Hotels Online Marketing Strategies.
Research and learn how others interact with customers and what type of content they share.

Use Twitter Search and Twitter Notifications to get notified when someone mentions your Hotel or content that is related to your Hotel.

It’s important to decide what you want to achieve before planning your strategy. If you want to get more people to view your content, your objectives should include some of the following:

  • Generate leads from Twitter by getting followers to visit your URL (#4)
  • Build awareness for a new product or service by using Twitter to market it to relevant and targeted prospects (#2 and #5)
  • Build a positive opinion about your Hotel, products, or services, by using Twitter as a PR tool
  • Build a community of like-minded people that can give ideas to innovate a product, service, or overall marketing strategy (Twitter List)
  • Provide customer service through valuable content and one-on-one conversations that help customers get the most out of your product or service
  • Build thought leadership, engage with industry influencers and like-minded people, and share your opinions (Twitter List and #hashtags)

Twitter Search is one of the more effective listening tools that help you research and discover content that will add value to your Hotel.

Enter your search query into the search box at the top of the page and hit the return key. Your results will show a combination of Tweets, photos, accounts, and more. Filter your results by clicking Top, Live, Accounts, Photos, or Videos (located at the top of your search results). Click More options to see the above filters as well as News. You can also choose to see results From everyone or From people you follow, and From everywhere or Near you.

Pro tip: Embed your search by clicking More options and selecting Embed this search.

Twitter let you set three forms of Notifications:

  • Mobile
  • Email
  • Web

Pro tip: Use Tweetdeck for more advanced Notifications.

Build Report with your Twitter Community

The most efficient and valuable Twitter Strategy is to build a report with your Hotels Twitter Community. This is done through various forms of mentioning. 80% of your Tweets, Retweets, via, replies, Likes, DM and add to Twitter List should focus on your Hotel Twitter Community.

It is not before you built a report with your Community that you can start to mix indirect offers or promotions that get followers to take action.

Twitter did a survey with 1000 responded that lives in the US, use Twitter at least monthly and follow a small and medium-sized business (SMB) on Twitter.

  • 70% of respondents Retweet because they like a business content
  • 60% of respondents have purchased from a SMB because of Twitter
  • 30% lift in recommendations after a respondent follows an SMB

Followers also want to hear about your product and show support. Some important reasons why responders follow SMB:

  • 40% want to learn about new products
  • 39% want to show support
  • 36% want to get information they can use

When a potential customer finds you on Twitter, that person usually goes on to take actions that drive your business forward. This is especially true when potential customers decide to follow your account. Not only is it possible that many of your followers have already booked with you, but it’s also possible that they intend to book from you again in the future. And some may even plan to book multiple times.

Building a Twitter Community

The Twitter survey also revealed that 90% of followers who got a reply felt better about the SMB. And 9 out of 10 has engaged in conversations with or about an SMB.

As indicated earlier the number of Twitter Followers your Hotel has been important. The number of followers you have indicated your authority level.

The key to success with Twitter is building a community of quality followers that will help your Hotel extend its reach, drive more direct bookings, and increase awareness.

Tips to start build a highly targeted Twitter community:

  1. Add Twitter Buttons to your Hotels website

  2. Promote your @username everywhere
  3. Join Twitter chats that is relevant for your Hotel
  4. Connect with industry influencers through #hashtags
  5. Think alternative marketing strategies and collaborate with competitors, vendors, bloggers and industry influencers
  6. Curate a Twitter List
  7. Create a follower campaign

It is important that you engage your community by interact with them in relevant conversations.

  • Ask for feedback
  • Make conversations two-ways by posing open-ended questions.

  • Spark conversations with images

  • Celebrate the seasons

  • Launch a new product or service on Twitter
  • Plan your Tweets a couple of weeks out and build momentum by counting down to the big day. Include photos and videos to give followers a sneak peek of the launch then follow up after the reveal with additional information.

  • Provide an exclusive offer for your Twitter Community
  • This has to be an offer that is only available through Twitter. If you make this offer compelling your Community will share it with their network.

Track your Hotels Twitter Results

Learn using Twitter analytics to view your progress, discover your top influencers, and learn more about your audience. This information can help you understand how to optimize your content and expand your reach.

Every word, photo, video, and follower can have an impact. Twitter’s analytics helps you understand how the content you share on Twitter grows your business.

You can access Twitter Analytics via Twitter Ads. When access Twitter Ads you click on the Analytics Tab and select Account Home.

Account home is your Twitter report card, with high-level statistics tracked from month to month. It’s also a gallery of your greatest hits, your top-performing Tweets and here you are introduced to the influencers in your network.

74% of people who follow SMB follow to get updates on future products. And 47% of people who follow SMB are more likely to visit their website.

Your Hotel must put in place strategies that allow you to track this type of data.

An active Twitter Community results in word of mouth. And then need to have in place tactics that can answer a new demand.

Twitter Ads allows you to create objective-based campaigns that help with business objectives. Here you can connect with the most receptive users in your Twitter Community at the most relevant moment.

2 of 3 in the Twitter Survey have noticed Promoted Accounts on Twitter. Among those, 2 in 3 has followed an SMB after noticing the Promoted Account. And of those that notice Promoted Accounts, the majority have taken some form of action as a result.

When a potential customer finds you on Twitter, that person usually goes on to take actions that drive your business forward. This is especially true when potential customers decide to follow your account.

Not only is it possible that many of your followers have already purchased from you, but it’s also possible that they intend to purchase from you again in the future. And some may even plan to purchase multiple times.

Twitter Ads can amplify this effect by helping you more quickly grow your follower base and reach more potential customers who want to discover, hear from, and interact with your Hotel.

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