For many business owners, 24 hours just isn’t enough time to get everything done in a day. It’s hard enough to keep up with the daily demands of your hotel business. How are you supposed to find the time to pursue growth projects that will drive your business forward? Instead of drowning in to-do lists, get comfortable with delegating, automating, and outsourcing! 

Hiring freelancers and professional service providers to tackle niche projects is fast and affordable. For example, a specialized hotel marketing coach like Are Morch can help you navigate your hotel’s digital marketing projects without onboarding a new full-time employee or spending valuable time learning the ropes on your own.

Not sure who to hire or where to find them? Let’s explore your options!

Leverage Digital Tools Whenever Possible

Hiring external workers isn’t the only way to save time and streamline your business. With the help of online tools, you can automate several daily hotel management tasks. Take advantage of off-the-shelf services like website builders, email marketing platforms, project management tools, hotel management software, and accounting apps. Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are particularly useful for solving labor shortages in the hospitality industry!

You can also use online tools for one-off projects like registering your business or forming an LLC. If you haven’t already, consider forming an LLC to limit your liability without the administrative and tax headaches facing standard corporations. Through services like ZenBusiness, you can purchase an LLC online instead of splurging on a lawyer.

When to Hire the Pros

Thankfully, technology has yet to replace the need for humans entirely. While online tools can offer a lot of support for your hotel business, you will still need to hire outside experts for certain projects. Technical matters are best handled by people who know what they’re doing.

Whether it’s accounting or digital marketing, working with professional service providers will help you tap into specialized knowledge in niche areas that fall outside your skillset. For example, a digital marketing expert can help you leverage SEO, social media, paid advertisements, and automation tools to drive traffic to your website and increase your direct bookings. 

Finding the Best Outside Experts

Finding top-notch freelancers can be tough with such a large talent pool to pick through. Make sure you get what you pay for by properly evaluating and screening your outside workers. This is especially important if you’re hiring remote workers

The best way to find quality candidates is to ask for referrals from other business owners in the hospitality industry. If you decide to use online freelancing platforms to find workers, be sure to ask for references and samples of their past work. Regardless of where you find your freelancers, it’s important to have a clear and honest discussion about rates and terms so everyone knows what to expect!

Onboarding Your New Team Members

Since your freelancers will be part of your hotel team, at least temporarily, Contently recommends establishing an effective onboarding program to get your new hires up to speed. Introduce them to your staff and provide all the tools and information they need to do their jobs. Make sure they understand your company vision and business objectives to ensure their work aligns with your brand messaging. 

Remember that contractors and freelancers generally expect to have full control over their work and schedules, set their rates, and take on more than one client at a time. Blurring the line between freelancer and employee is a good way to get into trouble with labor laws, which is the last thing you want.

Ready to take your hotel business to the next level? Working with freelancers, contractors, and agencies is a great way to gain access to valuable skills and expertise without onboarding, several new employees. Start looking for outside workers to join your team today!

Hiring Seasonable Employees

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) defines a seasonal employee as “an employee who is hired into a position for which the customary annual employment is six months or less.” Temporary employees can be a cost-efficient solution to help small businesses remain productive and profitable during times of peak demand—without sacrificing the quality of products or services.

Additionally, seasonal hiring is not limited only to spring. Some companies supplement their staff during any period of increased traffic, such as the holiday season. Others, such as summer camps, rely solely on seasonal employees.

Today, temporary workers make up a significant portion of the workforce. According to The American Staffing Association, in any given week more than three million temporary employees and contractors work across a variety of industries, including:

  • Hospitality
  • Customer Service
  • Retail
  • Tax
  • Education
  • Travel

If you’re looking for advertising assistance, you need a digital marketing coach! Are Morch offers socialized digital marketing services to help hotels acquire more customers and reach their customer service goals. 

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