How To make Hotel Reviews into a Booking Bonanza

Hotel Reviews has become an important tool both for customers and Hotel marketers.

For the reviewers, it is a way for them to express their feelings about a given Hotel Experience. And for many reviewers over the years, sharing feedback offers a sense of community. It’s all about the contribution, and in many cases, they connect with other reviewers with similar interests.

  • 79% that provides review does this because they rely on reviews and feel obligated to give back
  • 86% provides reviews simply because they want to share their experience and or be seen as an expert

Women are also more likely to write reviews than men, and their reviews also typically rate higher than reviews from men.

Reviewers are often people that find online reviews helpful and want to do their part to share their experience and knowledge. And for many being a top reviewer has prestige in itself.

One key element today with reviews is that many of the reviewers also have their blog or publication where they provide more insight about their experience.

The most important factor with reviews

  • 95% of travelers trust online reviews
  • 85% of travelers reads up to 10 reviews
  • 78% claim reviews help them feel more confident in their decisions

source: Olery

With the increased availability and access to information, Hotels are not the only ones controlling their brand image and the content available to travelers.

The growing sophistication of online marketing in the travel industry has created more sophisticated consumers, who cut through the hype and marketing provided by a Hotel and seek out independent opinions and reviews as their most influential source of information.

As many as 87% of potential customers believe that an appropriate response to a concern improves their impression of the Hotel. And 62% thinks that seeing the Hotels response influenced them positively booking at that Hotel. 71% of potential customers believe that management response is important.

Either the review voice a negative or positive sentiments response is very important. Today reviews is an important element of the Hotels Reputation Management. Don’t leave opportunities on the table.

Turning reviews into bookings

Even if fake Hotel reviews have provided some challenges most reviews provided often is an accurate representation of the customer experience.

Turning reviews into booking depends on requires some simple action steps;

  1. Respond quickly
  2. Provide a professional response
  3. A thank you goes a long way
  4. Show empathy
  5. Provide an original response
  6. Showcase changes made as results of reviews
  7. Always express gratitude
  8. Use common sense. Don’t share personal info about guest
  9. Follow-up
  10. And be creative in encouraging guests to leave reviews

Reputation Management is a key strategy for all Hotels to implement today.


reviewssource: Nerval Corporation

What are some of the biggest challenges with online Hotel Reviews?


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Thanks to my friends at Nerval Corporation for the Infographic. Nerval Corporation has built its reputation on providing high profile hotels with a quality of furniture that they can trust, as well as adaptable styles that are in keeping with their business.

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