Customer acquisition is one of the primary goals of the hotel industry. We might see some differentiation in how hotels go about it. But at the end of the day, the primary motive is the same to increase occupancy and revenue.

I have worked in a call center and at the hotel front desk taking hotel reservations. And at this point there often is a clear intent from the customer to make an educated booking decision.

But the upselling process could be intimidating and challenging both for me representing the service provider and the customer.

What if there was a more effective way available to increase revenue without raising the price that takes out the friction and intimidation of upselling?  

Continue to read and I will show how this is possible for your hotel….

Become an expert in creating new experience offers with Upselling 2.0

Oaky has revolutionized the upselling process by putting arriving guests in control of taking experience offers that drive new revenue for the hotel.

With innovative technology, Oaky has created a simple and effective three-step process for upselling.

Step 1: Communicate your hotel branding with beautiful presentations

Step 2: What to sell – using prepopulate deals or create your unique experience offers

Step 3: Create groups based on if it is a returning guest, length of stay, couple/single, weekday of check-in, gender, booking source, and reservation type

The whole process focuses on value innovation and creativity. And the key is to focus on creating unique experience offers that add unique value for the guest.

“With the data we had, you had to do a lot of work to find the right target audience. Now with Oaky, it’s all connected. It thinks for you and you get the best results.” (Gideon de Vries, Sales Manager at Grand Hotel Ter Duin)

It is a very easy process to set up where you customize your hotel brand, set your targeted market segment, choose your languages, and create the deals.

Oaky aligns the customer state in context with the customer journey. Within 21-10 days before arrival, it targets relevant room upgrades, and within 5-3 days it targets relevant ancillary services.

For hotels to create unique experience offers today it is essential to have a good understanding of their ideal customer and the customer journey.

With this understanding hotels enable themselves to create unique personalized experience offers.

“Guests looking for fun experiences, great restaurants or transportation in a destination. With Oaky’s help, Radisson Hotel Group can offer travelers customized deals in these areas at various times of the guest journey on a variety of channels. This achieves two important goals: enhancing the guest experience and driving extra revenue from upsells. We are excited to work with our many new Radisson Hotel Group partners and to guide them on their upselling journey with Oaky,” Erik Tengen, Co-Founder Oaky

Hotelier of the Future

Hotel brands have been scrambling their heads on how to best create new digital experiences that connect with the customer and provide amazing experiences.

And today we have the answer right in front of us. We as hoteliers have to shift our mindset where everyone is obsessed with providing the best experience offers for customers. And this also requires us to create a culture where you empower employees with the right tools to create unique digital experience offers without intimidations and frictions.

“Working with Oaky was easy from start to finish. The set-up was quick, and we could immediately start upselling to our guests. The results showed a fantastic ROI. I shared this with my colleagues and soon several more properties were interested in using Oaky.” Gaby Maaswinkel-vd Bosch, Senior Cluster Revenue Manager at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam City Center

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NOTE: This is article is based on my personal opinion. I am NOT affiliated with Oaky.

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