How To Play Hard Give Back make you a Social Hotel

Life is all about balance. You have to mix things up. And that is important in today’s busy Hotel world.

As Hoteliers, it is important that we also take the time to focus on a mission that will impact people’s lives.

In our busy days, we tend to play hard, so we must take the time to give back to the community.

Giving back is close to my heart. And we all have different preferences of organizations that we support. My wife and I have been long-time sponsors of a Horse Rescue Organization, and today we house four horses that we adopted. This is something that helps us put things in a perspective.

Play Hard Give Back

At PlayHard GiveBack, they help match athletes with social causes that they are passionate about. While some of our athletes come to the, with a preexisting connection to a social cause, they spend a lot of time collaborating with others to find an organization that matches their interests.

Socially conscious hotels can engage their local communities and provide healthy snacks for their guests by joining the #PHGB movement. The PlayHard GiveBack team works personally with Hotels to find a local athlete and nonprofit organization that is well suited for each hotel.

Why Hotels should Give Back

Hotels can change the world. Giving is better than receiving, and it provides great value for doing good for others.
Good travelers strive to educate themselves on the destinations they visit and know they win when they contribute and engage in meaningful ways with local communities. Better yet, local populations win when the process of giving back is done carefully and thoughtfully.

Many Hotels feel great pride and pleasure in serving the community through a valuable partnership.

Of course, it is not an entirely philanthropically motivated decision for Hotels to work with PHGB. The partnership brings many marketing opportunities including social media exposure and increased press. It is thought-provoking that in this day and age a business can still profit from giving back and doing good.

PlayHard GiveBack is just one of a range of innovative initiatives which hotels are undertaking globally to have a net positive impact on their communities.

#staywithpurpose and make PlayHard GiveBack part of your Hotels goodwill plan. In carrying #PHGB artisan trail mixes or sports nutrition bars, ten percent is set aside for the athlete and nonprofit ambassador of the hotel. I believe that it is important for hotels to support meaningful causes and athletes while providing healthy stays for their guests, PlayHard GiveBack aims to connect these dots.


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