How To See Hotel Data Chaos with Superior Smart Analytics

Information is coming to us at the speed of lightning. And not only is information coming at us very fast, but it also changes at a constant rate.

New technology and media can be very challenging for anyone to keep up with today. For many Hotels, it has been a struggle to identify the real connections between all this data and consumer conversions.

How can Hotels turn the Data Chaos into insight that provides new opportunities and possibilities?

Expand the opportunities and possibilities

SnapShot Data Chaos

Today we are at a tipping point where Big Data is the new reality for Hotels. Big data is represented in high-volume, high-velocity, and/or high variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing that enable enhanced insight, decision making, and process automation.

This shift provides a new profound impact where the Hotel becomes an analytic business, and the employees become analytic users. Hotels will need self-service analytical tools that serve new Agility Marketing demands.

Hotels will be required to respond to change instead of following a plan. Testing and data will provide relevant and timely responses to opinions. Learn from individuals and interactions within valuable Hotel Communities. And collaborations will replace silos and hierarchy.

The ideal outcome will be improved speed, predictability, transparency, and adaptability to rapid change.

Today’s opportunities and possibilities for Hotels lays in combine all the data into new and innovative Content Portals. Many Hoteliers are working within silos and hierarchies, now we all are forced to start to think outside the box.

Your Hotel’s new mission is to identify the true values of content lifecycles. The key to success is to identify the proper Content Portals that allow your Hotel to analyze and respond to new data sources and new business requirements.

The new opportunities and possibilities lay in the Content Portals you define for your Hotel.

Content Portals

1. Community Portal

Communities are all about engagement, and building trustworthy relationships. You want to focus on communities of like-minded that are likable and trustworthy.

You want your Ideal Community Persona to introduce your Hotel into the community. It is important to can analyze where, how, when, and who introduce the information.

When you have all the proper data in place it is critical to provide a timely and proper response to the introduction.

2. Loyal Fans Portal

One key strategy is to identify the most Loyal Fans within the Community.

These people will not only introduce your Hotel to the Community, but they will also help you manage content related to your brand.

It will be crucial that you can analyze the information provided by Loyal Fans. Make sure you reward your Loyal Fans, and they will become key ambassadors for your Hotel Events and Campaigns.

3. Buyer Portal

How do your Hotels Ideal Customer look like?

Engage and build trustworthy relationships with your Community and Loyal Fans. Provide them with information that adds value to their experience. This will initiate the process of educating them about how your ideal customers look like.

Valuable and dedicated Hotel Analytics will let you collect data that ensure that your Portals is doing its job bringing in new and renewed customers to your Hotel.

4. Retention Portal

You have identified new ways to attract new and renewed customers for your Hotel now we need to ensure they will come back. And also assist them with referring your Hotel to their friends. Make them feel they are an important part of your Community.

Focus on three primary retention strategies:

  • Fixed-Time Retention – a set period for retaining new and renewed customers
  • Event / Campaign Retention – when implementing event / campaign retention occurs a set period
  • Permanent Retention – identify triggers bringing in new and renewed customers

When you create designated portals it allows you to identify and analyze what type of data creates change or variations of any kind.

SnapShot the Superior Smart Analytics designed for Hotels

It takes a nimble, future-minded, and forward-thinking leadership to take advantage of collected data from the different Content Portals and applied analytics. The modern Hotel leaders of today are implementing new and innovative ways to benefit from data analytics.

SnapShot provides a Superior Smart Analytics tool designed for Hotels.

SnapShot Dashboard

The basic idea behind SnapShot is to take SnapShots of the most important Key Performance Indicators for Hotels, and present visual data in an easy to read manner.

The presentation of the data is generated through a dashboard that is easy and enjoyable for decision-makers to read.

The primary dashboard generates Key Performance Indicators in 6 main areas;

  • Key Performance Indicators from your Hotels Property Management System
  • Competitive data from STR Global
  • Market pricing from OTA Expert
  • Reviews from TripAdvisor
  • Website Analytics from Google Analytics
  • Social Media data from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Your Hotel will have easy access to the most important data and identify concerns very fast.

SnapShot will let you get into more details within each of the main areas. Front Desk or Revenue Managers can present relevant data with a SnapShot of last day’s performance data.

Hotels cater to millions of travelers every day and each one of them checks in with their own set of expectations. Meeting those expectations is the key to getting people to return, and increasingly hotel and leisure operators are turning to advanced analytics solutions for clues about how to keep their customers happy.

Multi-property Analytics

“When we set out to build SnapShot Analytics our mission was to help key decision-makers in Hotels by bringing together essential demand-related data in an easy-to-use dashboard. Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve added new multi-property functionality to SnapShot Analytics so Hotel groups and chains can get the most out of our Hotel Analytics tool. SnapShot Analytics can now help hotel groups and chains get an overview of the big multi-property picture while also getting detailed (and customizable) Hotel-level granularity.
Martin Soler, CMO SnapShot”

SnapShort Multilevel

Multi-property lets you focus on the bigger picture by aggregating important figures for you. Now, chains and a small group of Hotels can easily consolidate all their Hotel data into one place.

Immediately access reports anytime, anywhere. When using the multi-property functionality in Analytics, you can monitor overall performance, see which properties are the biggest contributors to the group’s overall success, and which are at risk.

To learn more about SnapShot Analytics and what it can do for Hotel chains and groups book a demo.


Today we most Hotels struggle with big data and unstructured data. The missing link is exact reports that extract the most important Hotel data.

With the proper analytics and predictive modeling tool, however, Hotels can readily extract all the useful information available in their data sets and assess the impact of these findings in future scenarios.

These insights can drive significant revenue increases and cost reductions, increase customer satisfaction, improve processes, and deliver competitive advantages.

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