To content marketers who covet digital marketing, print marketing has for many of them become something that existed in a bygone era. But the reality is that print media is in no way dead and forgotten.

With the advent of new technology, print as a medium had had no option but to pave way for the rise of the more explosive and fascinating digital media. But even with its continued uptake, digital media still has a long way to go before it become a niche format.

Today, companies that were previously considered digital have started to realize the benefits that may come with producing content-rich brochures and printed magazines. They can use these types of print media to market their companies and business brands.

How to Create a Cross-Pollination of Digital and Print Media

Creating a cross-pollination of print and digital marketing methods is the surest way to ensure that you will not miss out on the efficacy provided by each method. The following are techniques you can use to help you get the most out of each approach.

Using Personalized URLs and QR Codes to Track Media Crossover

One of the best approaches you can use to create a bridge between the online space and print marketing involves the use of personalized URLs and QR codes. Consumers are today in a position to enter URLs and scan QR codes into their smartphones.

They can easily do this whenever they want to consume printed material. By providing them with the codes and the URLs, you not only enhance your chances of gaining new traffic to your online spaces, but you also get an opportunity to track the performance of both marketing methods.

URLs and QR codes also make it easier for you to harvest crucial user data. Some of the information you can harvest from users include their locations and when they get to interact with the printed material in question.

The best thing about using QR codes is that they do not limit your creativity. Did you know that codes can get printed on any surface? The same technology that enables you to print PDF without Adobe also makes it possible for you to print the QR codes on any material.

Try and Explore the Possibilities Provided by Variable Printing Methods

Contrary to popular beliefs, variable printing has been around for a very long time. The technology behind it enables you to personalize images and graphics before printing them. All this occurs without affecting your printing speed.

It is a technology that will come in handy when conducting a marketing drive. It works more efficiently when you already possess data about your target audience. For instance, you can always use variable printing with a particular social media campaign.

In such a campaign, you can motivate your target audience to sign up or subscribe to a certain page to receive free goodies, as well as the occasional marketing materials. Having done this, you can now start targeting the printed marketing campaigns towards certain audiences using the information you have harvested from Twitter and Facebook.

With variable printing, you will get to target wider audiences. You get to surpass normal targeting methods that prefer to use information such as age and gender.

Leveraging Social Media

If there is one tool that is highly effective in reaching many people within a short time, then it has to be social media. Provided you have already taken the time to cultivate your preferred following, then social media should provide you with a great jumping board for use in launching the print media campaign.

As mentioned earlier, this will provide you with a great avenue to get new traffic flowing from one side of your marketing campaign and on to the other.

Coordinating Departments and Strategies

Internal coordination makes it difficult to come up with a joint campaign targeting more than a single department. Allowing the departments and teams to share data makes it easier for all involved to come up with a better marketing strategy.


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