Last minute deals?

Customers today shop for last-minute deals, or the best available price. This in itself is not very unique. The unique part of it that you have access to this information in less than a New York Minute.

Mobile Market Growing

According to eMarketer Hotel bookings made via Mobile devices or Smart phones is now surpassing regular online bookings.

eMarketer estimates 16 million Americans will book travel via mobile this year, up from just over 12 million in 2011. By 2016, the number of mobile users booking travel on their devices is expected to more than double to 36.7 million.

And a significant amount of travelers will utilize mobile for research or other travel assignments.

Develop a savvy Hotel Mobile Strategy

Awareness – Networking, Listen and Ask

Awareness in the Mobile Industry can be identified through QR codes, apps, and Location-based Services.

Interest – Predict and Segmentation

Identify the proper Objectives with your strategy. Segmentation is important to identify your Target Mobile customer base.

Conversion – Engage and Convert

Hotel Tonight is a great example of a Mobile application that captures all of the points mentioned here.

Here Hotels can engage within the application, and at the same time apply valuable conversion points.

Champion Advocates – Rewards

All Hotels want customers. But what makes the difference is loyal customers, the ones that keep returning back and also refer your Hotel to a large network.


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