New Simple Way To Manage Timely Content For Hotels

Content Marketing has today become the new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) portal.

Hotels are now required to become more strategic and tactical with their content. The stories have to appeal to targeted communities to take action and share the content.

Behind your Hotels, targeted keywords there need to be a correspondent story.

If you want to manage Content for Hotels then you need to start to create Content Management portals that are unique to each Social Network, and at the same time convey a story that can be shared through several Social Networks.

The Content Management Portal

There are hundreds of tools available out there that will do the job. Always go for the tools that work the best for you. The tools I use and recommend represent principles and values that I found most effective for my Social Media Management strategies.

I receive tips and recommendations regularly on new tools, and I will always take the time to check these out. When I find a tool that improves, replace and add new values I will add this tool to my portfolio.

To keep your Hotels Social Media content flowing, let’s take a look at some tools that can help you organize your efforts, increase your productivity, and demonstrate measurable results.

Trello is a tool that works really great as a Content Management portal. Here you can create an unlimited amount of boards. Boards can be visible to specific members, specific teams, or publicly to anyone with a link. Members with access to a board can subscribe to that board and get notified about any changes to the board. Business Class works great with Hotel Teams, though this has a monthly fee. The Free option works great and allows you to integrate with Box, Dropbox and Google Drive.


Google Drive is the tool I use to hook my information to Editorial Calendars.

TweetDeck and Hootsuite are both great I use to manage the Twitter dialogs.

SproutSocial is the tool I use for my primary Social Channel listening and management. Here I can schedule, publish and analyze my content.

Google Analytics what I use to turn my research into action.

Most of these tools offer Free options. SproutSocial has one month Free Trial, but after it comes with a monthly fee.

Managing your Hotels content Free is possible, but this will require some effort. And this is a key factor that many leave out. When implementing your Hotels Social Media Strategies you must figure out ways that save time as saved time equals saved money.

And today Hotels are required to respond in a timely fashion through relevant Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.

When trying to build a targeted audience, it’s easy to inundate your followers’ with too much information at once—or worse, not enough. To prevent this as well as establish yourself as a reliable source, use functionalities that are set up in your Hotels Content Management Portal.

Getting content posted or scheduled is just one piece of the pie; creating content that your Hotels community enjoys and invests the time it is something else. Initially, it can be challenging to determine what resonates, but with time and careful attention, Social Media Managers will develop a sixth sense for what appeals to their audience.

One key component with scheduled content is to have a strategy for how often you should schedule your Hotels Content:

  • Facebook: 3-10 times per week
  • Twitter: at least 5 times a day
  • LinkedIn: 2-5 times per week
  • Google+: 3-10 times per week
  • Pinterest: 5-10 times per day
  • Instagram: 2-5 times per day


Frequency and quality of your Hotels content will help you generate the actions you are looking for. But it is important to integrate this with your Hotel community efforts.

Implementing your Community and Influencers with the portal is essential. When it comes down to tracking your information you need to learn:

  1. If the content is shared
  2. What part of your content is shared
  3. How it is shared
  4. Where it is shared
  5. Who shared it

The quality of the relationship with your Hotels community will determine the depth of content sharing. One of the key principles of the Content Management portal is to facilitate the conversation between Hotel and customers.

Trends indicate that business travelers prefer interactive content and personalized experiences. We know travel inspirations know arrives more from Social Media channels, than friends and family. Hotel booking today is part of the new unique ecosystem.

Online Travel Agencies discovered early the importance of community support. The true benefits of developing quality relationships with your community are discovered in conversion ratios.

Your job is to manage content in ways that add new values to the experience.

How can Hotels discover valuable content from their community?

Within my portal, I use a Hotel Community – Content Curation board.

Feedly is a news aggregator. What makes Feedly stand out is its availability as a cloud service so you can have access to your RSS streams across your devices.

Scoop.It lets your Hotel essentially surf the web to find awesome, targeted content from and for your audience. You can then “scoop it” to publish either your work or your favorite pieces from other sites.

Several great information aggregations make content curation easy. Do your research and you will discover that part of this process you can automate.

Define Community personas so you understand them and what matters to them.

The Primary Goal of a Content Management Portal

One key function as Social Media Manager is to implement successful and effective Social Listening.

Conversations on the Internet produce massive amounts of unstructured data. It’s important, therefore, to define what the goals are for a Social Media listening initiative.

Both Social Media and community information-gathering have value, but Social Media listening is quickly becoming an important customer intelligence tool. There are several ways to use Social Media to gain insight, including monitoring online customer performance, using software tools like SproutSocial to monitor comments from Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter and encouraging customers to suggest new product and service features.

Social Media listening is the principles of actively listening to and seeking to understand online conversations about a specific phrase, word, or brand.

Social Media monitoring is the principle of monitoring online conversations about a specific phrase, word, or brand.

I use tools like Mention and Social Mention to help me with monitor online conversations.

It’s helpful to monitor your Hotel online, so you can engage when appropriate and respond when necessary.

These tools are time-savers that make monitoring easy. And these tools provide notification systems that allow you to act when you see alerts. And they have a real-time search component.

If you’re monitoring a Hotel of any size, a combination of these tools will help you stay on top of the conversations and become part of your Hotels community.

Do your Hotel have a Content Management Strategy in place?


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