Part Butler, Part Machine, All RoboButler

Robots is nothing new, but now Starwood has rolled of two robots “Botlrs” for the Cupertino Aloft Hotel. The “Botlrs” is named A.L.O.

A.L.O is programmed to deliver amenities to Hotel Guests. When a guest requests a toothbrush or extra towels, hotel employees simply load up the robot with the requested items, dial in the room number, and the Botlr handles the rest.

Once it arrives, the guest can enter a rating on its touchscreen or tweet a “tip,” using the hashtag #MeetBotlr.

My friends at Software Advice a company that provides free reviews of hotel management software, conducted a five-day online survey of five questions, and collected nearly 400 unique responses for each of five questions, for a total of 1,944 respondents.

Key Findings:

  1. Fifty-six percent of respondents are interested in utilizing robotic room service
  2. The most preferred robotic function is delivering items to rooms, cited by 51 percent of respondents
  3. Half of respondents age 25-34 are more likely to choose a hotel with a robot than without one

Preferred Service Performed by Robot

The study indicates that as much 51% would prefer A.L.O to provide room service. And 26% would like A.L.O to assist with check-in and checkout-out services.

Cupertino Aloft Hotel already had in place a kiosk for automated check-ins and check-outs.

It is interesting to notice that guests would be open to automating this type of Hotel Service, even though the Hotel Staff still would be able to provide the same service more efficient.

Preferred Service Performed by Robot

Aloft Hotels present themselves as Hotel for ‘next generation travelers’.

And it is no surprise that the survey reveals that it is the Millennials that are most open to automated robotic services.

Likelihood of Choosing Hotel with Robot by Age

Likelihood of Choosing Hotel with Robot by Age

Millennials today are traveling more for business and travel compared to other generations. They also are more likely to spend more freely on hotel amenities when paying with company funds.

It is important for Hotels today to understand the impact of this growing market segment, and how Millennials is Changing the Hotel Landscape through Social Media.

RoboButler is based on new technology that enables hotel employees to do what they do best, provide exceptional and personalized Customer Experiences.

As for other hotels interested in adding a botlr, Savioke is offering an early adopter program for selected hotels starting in 2015.


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