Resume Tips That Make You Stand Out In Social Media

Information Technology that we in most cases summarize as the “Internet” has influenced almost every aspect of our lives. People work, shop, socialize, study and bank online. In most instances, the impacts are usually positive in that efficiency is enhanced. However, some of the influences affect us negatively and we need to devise means of overcoming the challenges.

The hotel industry has not been spared. One of the transformed areas of this expansive industry is resume writing and presentation. Social Media, introduced by the internet, has changed the manner of doing things. Some practices have been simplified while some have been complicated. This article will provide five resume tips that are effective in overcoming the common challenges brought by Social Media for those looking for careers in this industry.

Be Unique

One of the biggest challenges is that there are millions of resume templates and samples online. This means that different applicants are likely to present almost-similar resumes. This results in very high competition.

To overcome this challenge, it is advisable to peruse through different resume templates recommended for the hospitality industry. Then condense different ideas together to come up with a unique resume that will not appear like the rest.

Use Industry-Specific Keywords

The hotel context is one of the most attractive industries today. Therefore, there are bound to be hundreds of thousands of applicants at one single moment. Social Media has complicated the situation by making it easier for applicants to submit their resumes.

To increase the chances of being hired, one should incorporate words that are specific to the industry. Today, technology has enabled HR managers to “filter” resumes using automated software using keywords. Therefore, they will evaluate the applicants by filtering using industry keywords. Using related terminology sparingly ensures that the resume gets past this critical stage.

Optimize Your Web Presence

The newest trend being utilized by recruiting companies is asking the applicants to link their Social Media networks to their resumes. The resumes are in soft copy, making it possible to link one’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other Social Media pages. This feature can either make or break one’s chances of being recruited.

The recruiting managers will use social sites to tell whether an applicant has the qualities required in the hotel industry. These include hospitality, neatness, ethics, socialization, and organization, to mention but a few.

An applicant, can, therefore, take advantage of this trend. Maintain social media pages that show maturity, friendliness, ethics, and organization. Do not be abusive or share content that is immoderate. You should also associate with respectable people and pages. In fact, by displaying interest in people or organizations related to the hotel industry, an applicant raises their chances of being hired.

Be Error-free

No hotelier wants a careless employee that will allow small blunders to soil their reputation. The employers will tell between a perfectionist and a reckless applicant by evaluating their resumes. If they find careless mistakes such as spelling or grammatical errors, they might discard that resume. They will also go through the posts and status updates on the applicants’ social sites. If they find slang such as “thanx” (thanks), “da” (the), “btfl” (beautiful), and so on, they might conclude that the applicant is immature or not serious.

Be Professional

According to most hiring organizations, the internet age has significantly destroyed the writing of resumes. One way that it has destroyed resume writing is by giving the applicants too much freedom. This has excited some applicants and made them compromise the professional bit of resume creation. For instance, some applicants use too much color and fancy fonts as a means of creating the appeal and attracting the recruiters. This is wrong.

The fact that there is too much freedom is a danger in itself. A resume should always be professional as it represents the applicant in their absentia. Therefore, the colors and fonts should be used sparingly. A simple resume in the right format, providing adequate information and one that is concise stands better chances than one which looks like a poster. A fancy resume will in most cases be overlooked due to unprofessionalism.

The internet age has complicated the act of writing resumes. If the applicants are not careful with their social media conduct, they might never succeed in the hotel industry. However, a keen candidate can take advantage of social media and create a winning resume. The resume tips in this post, if applied, are adequate to create the perfect resume that will always win.

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