Travel businesses, listen up! If you are struggling with SEO and some easy fixes for better results, this article is for you. It is possible to increase your SEO rankings for some prominent searches by having a basic understanding of why certain pages rank higher than the others. Specialized google searches are an easy and powerful tool for research and SEO. Want to get higher up in the wanderlust rankings? Here are the (open) secrets:

Easy Fix #1: Become Active Online

Although social media is one platform and SEO is all of the Internet, it still fundamentally influences how search engines determine which website is ranked higher and who is ranked lower. Some of the factors that search engines consider are also how active your account is, how many likes and shares your content receives, and up to date you are in updating your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

If you regularly post about trips, hotels, and adventures, you are more likely to gain followers and your visibility increases exponentially. Select the right social media platform for the reach according to your service and get kicking! Your social shares are directly proportional to your SEO. Some relevant and creative posts about travel destinations can help you reach out to millions of people and get noticed by search engines!

Easy Fix #2: The Way To Success Is Paved On Backlinks

A sure-shot way of generating traffic to your website and increasing rankings is to get backlinks, Backlinks refer to the links that will direct a viewer from some other website to your website. For example- A blog about the best homestay in a hill station links to your blog about must-visit hill stations! Plus, if the other website’s domain authority is high, your rankings can improve.

This is an effective e-strategy since the website informs Google that it trusts you. There are plenty of free backlink checkers available on the internet.  Some ways of doing this are through interesting infographics and blog posting. 

Easy Fix #3: Improving CTR 

CTR (Clickthrough Rate) refers to the ratio of the number of people who view your link and click on it. Although it said that CTR may not directly be a ranking factor, SEOs vouch for CTR being a part of your ranking. Through an enticing and interesting title tag, you can hook readers to your website. If it works, you will have more visitors dropping into your website. You can add this with the help of crisp and detailed headlines like – Need A Reason To Travel In The Holiday Season? , which gives the necessary information in brief. 

Easy Fix #4: Update Your Content

A simple content audit will tell you if the organic traffic to your website has been decreasing over the past year. If so, it is time to create fresh content by updating older posts by adding newer keywords, for example, adventure, thrill, hikes, hotels, and trips are a good place to start. Refresh the outdated sections of your website. Google Analytics is another tool that allows you to look into pages with reduced traffic. Apart from that, several tried-and-tested strategies solely utilize content marketing for lead generation

Easy Fix #5: Boost Pages Of Your Website That Have Internal Links

Internal links have an incredible impact on boosting a page’s performance in search engines. These are the links of a website that are interlinked in the same domain. Simply put, the higher the number of links on a page, the greater is the page rank, aka a confirmed Google ranking factor of a website. You can do this by looking for pages that are ranked higher because of their keywords. Since these pages are already doing well, internal links will impact them greatly. 

Easy Fix #6: Featured Answers

Featured snippets are the short answers that Google shows when asked a direct query by a visitor. If you already have a post ranking on the first page with queries, by simply optimizing the pages, you can win the snippet. 

Easy Fix #7: Time Is Money (And In This Case, Ranking)

Isn’t it boring to stay on a page that is loading..and never really loads?

Don’t let your website be one of those websites that are so slow that your users decided to go to another one. Fix your page and website loading speed and make it faster. A few seconds is the ideal waiting time in the online queue. Fast pages add to your business and a slower pace will kill your customers. Use Google’s Pagespeed Insights tool to find out what the speed of your page is. Reducing the sizes of the images will also help.

Pro tip: Check the pages with the most traction to save time. 

Easy Fix #8: Fill In The Gaps

Mastering one topic like Off Season Holidays and adding many long-tail keywords to it increases the amount of traction you receive. Since visitors may look for the same content in different ways, Google runs a search for identical sets of keywords. Having all the necessary keywords for the topic and subtopic improves the traffic to your page. You can find the sub-topics by looking at the other pages that are ranked higher for the keyword. Creatively update your topics with newer subtopics that include the relevant keywords.

Easy Fix #9:  Broken Backlines Need To Be Fixed, Immediately! 

If you deleted or moved a page with backlinks, you may face the issue of broken backlinks from other sites. Losing all your traffic from a relevant page that refers to you is a nightmare that you don’t want to come true. You can instead redirect the broken page to your new page location. You can also restore the original page instead of killing it. Another easy way of fixing the problem is redirecting the broken page to an already existing relevant page of your website. 

Easy Fix #10: Be A Regular Creator

Like an artist paints and a comedian looks for his next joke, as a company, your priority online is to create and deliver. Ever tried, ever failed, no matter, try again, fail again, fail better! Only published content will give you an idea about what works and what does not. Besides, there’s no right time to travel. So start with easier topics and slowly move into areas that you are completely familiar with while implementing all of the above easy fixes. 


Whoever said there are no shortcuts to kickstart your SEO rankings, clearly did not read this list. It’s natural to be frustrated about not being higher up the rankings like you deserve to be, but like all good things, generating organic traffic especially in a competitive travel industry takes time. With smarter work and better organic marketing approaches, it is possible to create traction amongst travel lovers by following these simple rules. 

Let us know if the above strategies worked for you and if your website is closer to the top of the rankings!

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