Starting a Restaurant in Your Hotel

If you want to start a restaurant in your hotel, you need to determine your demographics for it to be a huge success. You need to ask questions and make certain that you are making a move that will enhance your hotel financially and aesthetically. Here are a few things you need to know if you are planning to start a restaurant in your hotel.

1. Identify Your Demographics

The type of restaurant in your hotel will meet the needs of the majority of your guests and attract some locals from the area. For instance, an upscale hotel with business clients dining on business accounts may want to consider an upscale restaurant with gourmet or fusion cuisine. A mid-tier hotel may want to consider more of a sports bar-type atmosphere where people can get a low-cost burger or an expensive meal. If you know your clientele, you’ll have a more profitable restaurant.

2. Determine How Many Households in the Area Can Afford It

Starting a restaurant in a hotel is not only about attracting your guests, but it is also about attracting people from the neighborhood. That’s why you should find out how many “households per restaurant are in your eligible price point range.” Find out how many restaurants in the area sell the same thing that you sell within a five-mile radius. This will let you predict how successful your restaurant could be.

3. Devise a Hypothetical Menu

The hypothetical menu should be devised according to the preferences of your target market. The price-points should be set according to your target demographic. This will help to maximize your profits.

4. Is Your Location Convenient?

Sure, you’ll be able to attract guests staying at the hotel, but is it conducive to people who want to eat lunch there or have a night out on the town? If not, it may affect your profits. Consider the location of the hotel if you want to maximize your profits.

5. Get Quotes From All of Your Vendors

Call all of the potential vendors that could help keep your business running efficiently. Call the pest control, linen services, restaurant equipment, and refrigeration service contractors and the city and county governmental fees and licensing departments.

6. Use Social Media to Solidify Your Brand

Social media can help you solidify your brand image by helping customers see you in a different light. When evangelists for your product or service have a good experience, they share it with others, and your brand image develops. The more time and effort you put into making a good impression in terms of product quality, customer service, responsiveness, commitment to the community, and innovation. Your brand will be trusted, and your company will evolve into a household name.

Consider Starting a Restaurant in Your Hotel

You should consider opening a restaurant in your hotel to attract more clientele and to offer more convenience to your guests. This will help you remain one step ahead of the competition, especially if the food is well-prepared. Follow these simple steps, and you should be on your way to building a successful hotel. If there’s anything else you need to know, you’ll be able to find it in this guide.


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This post comes from Sarah Smith, who writes for Noosh Catering. The folks at Noosh are always working closely with hoteliers to ensure that conferences and big events hosted on hotel premises are memorable experiences.

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