Top-notch Hotels pride themselves on the quality of performance that they can deliver. Apart from room upgrades, special perks, and well-trained staff, the world’s best Hotels constantly surprise and delight their guests.

If you want to be known for exceptional Hotel performance that goes beyond providing a comfortable Hotel bed and set breakfast to your guests, then here are some Social stories that you can learn a lot from and start model.

The Hermitage Hotel – Nashville

Besides being a stunning beautiful Hotel, The Hermitage Hotel knows how to tell their story in an exceptional way that stands out.

The key is to focus on a theme on your Social Profiles. December is a month that allows Hotels to showcase their creative sides.

You can tell stories that cover what happens at the Hotel and also profile local events that become part of the Hotels story.

Four Seasons – Curating Luxury

Content curation is a great way to tell an exceptional story that provides customers and guests with that little extra touch.

Instagram is a great Social Network for curating and sharing visual images and stories with your audience.

Images tell a story: Sometimes a picture is better at communicating a story than the written word. A picture is a great way to convey your Hotels message quickly to an audience without them reading through a lot of text.

A very important aspect to be successful in Instagram Stories is knowing which hashtags are being used and which ones you can use for your Hotel.

Tis The Season

Europe Hotel Belfast is a great example how you take advantage of Facebook to tell a story around a theme.

They have used videos related to a season in their feed, but even more, innovative they included a themed video as their cover image.

And when you go to Europe Hotel Belfast website they provide relevant information there that complement the story.

This is a critical combination, you add additional values to an exceptional story and customer will be compelled to make a direct booking at your website.

Social Media is about telling stories in such a way that you give the audience a reason to be part of the story.

Research and data show us that a large percentage of customers that lands at a Hotels website will go elsewhere to make a booking decision. And is critical to understand that the customer was looking for a reason for your Hotel to add exceptional value to their own story.

They are no longer just booking a room for the night, they are booking an experience.

Are your Hotel providing visitors with an experience worth sharing with their Social Community?

The Hotel Content Funnel – a dynamic process

I work on content strategies that support The Hotel Content Funnel. This is an ongoing dynamic process where data, information, and innovation will reach the relevant consumers for a given Hotel.


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