Today the magic of the Hotel Experience is powered by the people. Hotels now are forced to look outside the box to identify a new cookie-cutter space that provides an alternative experience.

The new alternatives lay in creating experience rooms that capture the traveler’s journey. And the Hotel Industry is overcrowded today with fierce competition.

The Hotel Industry now experience that complementary products and services they had never paid much attention to are now recognized as a potential lever for unlocking innovative values.

One of the most interesting aspects of that the Hotel Experience today is powered by the people is that we see a significant shift from Hotels being categorized in the Service Industry towards the Experience Industry.

How to rethink the position of your Hotel

The Hotel industry typically compete in two spheres; functional and emotional. On one end the Hotel focuses on price and functionality, and on the other end, it focuses on to generate positive feelings.

Standard Service Industry typically is made up of professions that deliver services, or intangible goods, to consumers. And the Hotel industry is known as a people-based Service provider. This requires people skills and knowledge to perform the required tasks.

Communication is a skill that today has become one of the most important requirements for Hoteliers.

The Hotel Team has to be able to communicate with customers, guests, and other team members daily.

Hotels today should hire brand ambassadors that know how to engage, connect and are committed to delivering additional values to the experience in new creative ways.

Customers today want an experience that’s provided by a personable Hotel team member and tailored to the customer and the customer’s situation.

And customers today have an increased sense of urgency, responding to customer complaints properly today means responding quickly. Hotel needs to hear those complaints in the first place, and right away; they’re often offered via Social Media and you have to be paying attention.

Hotels that successfully position themselves in Experience Industry started looking at the big picture. They started looking for insights that will provide clues as for how they might reconstruct their Hotel boundaries and open new value-cost alternatives.

How to create a new Hotel Classification with your own new unique Framework

The modern travelers today are looking for new ways to get inspired. Hotels today have to be able to provide an inspirational experience.

Hotels should implement Frameworks that allow their team members to be part of the experience and allow to put their unique touch and inspire through the micro-moment will stand out in an overcrowded Industry.

Here are 5 simple steps to unlock new innovate values for Hotels:

  1. Get Started – Chose the right place to start and put together the right team
  2. Understand where your Hotel are now – Get clear about your Hotels current state.
  3. Imagine where your Hotel could be – Understand how current demographics limit you, and start discovering the noncustomers your Hotel can tap into.
  4. Find How to get there – rethink and reconstruct your Hotel market boundaries and develop alternative opportunities.
  5. Make your move – select a move within your new Framework, conduct rapid market tests then launch your Hotels new move.

To challenge your Hotels status quo then implement the Four Action Framework.

hotel industry framework

  1. Which factors that the Hotel Industry has long competed on should be eliminated?
  2. Your Hotel has to consider factors that the Industry has long competed on, but today has become irrelevant.

  3. Which factors should be reduced well below the Hotel Industry standard?
  4. Hotels have to look at whether products and services have been overdesigned to match and beat the competition.

  5. Which factors should be raised well above the Hotel Industry’s standard?
  6. One of the key factors Hotels need to uncover are what types of compromise are consumers forced to make.

  7. Which factors should be created that the Hotel Industry has never offered?
  8. And finally, Hotels should focus on offer entirely new kinds of value for consumers and create new demand by converting once noncustomers into customers.


Today the consumer creates their own experience rooms. Hotels now have to meet this demand and provide new alternatives that become a natural part of the consumer’s experience room.

The creative and innovative Hotel will stand out and position themselves as a relevant alternative.

Break out from the traditional Hotel offerings and become an inspiration for a new generation of Hoteliers and guests.


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