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Time to drop Fears, and get onboard

2014 is the year Social Media is no longer a “Should Have” it will become a “Must Have”.

As a result of this change, I will help your Hotel to prepare for some strategic decisions that need be made.

No decision should be made based on Fear rather it should be an educated decision.

The Psychology of Relationships

I don’t have any form of professional training in psychology. The principles I line out here is what I use in several different aspects.

I use 1 + 7 proven principles to train our horses. The horses we train has either been neglected or abused. They were very vulnerable and needed special care and attention.

I discovered that the techniques we used to help our horses turn their life around 180 degrees and become a success story were principles I could adapt to my business.

Now the important thing to realize is that this process is in constant movement. Someday you might take one or two steps forward, maybe up to ten steps forward. Other days you feel you are moving backward in the same manner. I am like you it can be frustrating when experience the progress is going backward. But the backward movement is there for us to learn, and gain new knowledge.

Rotating Techniques for Hotels


To move forward you have to Find your Social Network Voice. Emotional Intelligence will be a key factor to outline successful Social Network strategies.

I utilize a tool like nimble to define my vision, and indentify important emotional patterns. It is important to learn which patterns that trigger the results I am looking to achieve.

  • Identify own, other and groups emotions
  • Assess own, other and groups emotions
  • Control own, other and groups emotions


To identify What Is Possible I have to recognize all the small changes. Having a positive attitude, and rewarding all the small changes makes all the difference in the world.

Just like with my horses if I have a bad attitude it doesn’t help how much I try to put on my game face, they will read me like an open book.

Horses can sense Fear several feet away, so fear is not an option anymore. Replace fear with awareness, and focus on achievements outside your comfort zone. My horses have kicked me, bit me, stepped on me, bucked me, pulled me down, torn down the fence, tore down stall door number of time, escaped over to neighbors yard but all of this brought me one step closer to success.

With Social Networking Hotels today is dealing with Customers in real time. You can no longer predict what action Customer will take. But you need to have a positive attitude about it and put in place actions that address any concern.

Listening to your Customers today is an absolute must. And nimble allows me to do this in a very effective way.


The knowledge we will gain through training and experience. Social Networking brings an abundance of new possibilities for Hotels.

One of the main challenges with Social Networking is that these channels are very Dynamic. Hotels today have to Collaborate & Network in new ways with Customers.

Ongoing training has become a necessity. Make daily training a new positive habit.


Some investments are required to move on to the next level of Social Networking & Collaborations.

Hotels will need to invest in Relationship Marketing and Reputation Management tools. Leaving these investments off the table can be very costly.

We know that customers are using Smart Phones and Smart Devices for their Hotel Booking Decisions. And this is a trend that will continue to grow for years to come.

Hotel Reviews has become more accessible and humanized as a result increased Social Network engagement and interaction.

Your Hotel will need tools that easily can identify the patterns of real-time booking decisions for Generation Y customers.

One of the main reasons I partnered up with nimble was that I wanted to be able to offer Hotels a cost-efficient solution that answered this new challenge for Hotel.

Here are just some of the features that is included:

  • Multi user account
  • Unlimited network connections
  • Unlimited communications history
  • Unlimited number of deals
  • Advanced field customization
  • Full access to 3rd party integrations

(*NOTE* Free Trial Period of 14 Days => Business Plan)


With my horses I have to Monitor & Measure our progress. I must take time to listen to any form of signals they give back to me. I want my voice to Influence their actions positively.

This is no different from your Hotel. You have Monitor & Measure your process. Just like with traditional marketing you want to create split testing strategies to identify which strategies give the most desired results.

I recommend putting in place tracking mechanism for each of the blocks for the Rotating Techniques. As in my example above, I have my knowledge and tools in place, but the rest of the blocks is off track. This will naturally result in a very bumpy ride. Or for me, it resulted in a little rodeo trip on one of my horses, which is not a pleasant experience when you are not a professional rodeo person.

Mistakes and errors are OK as long as you have Techniques in place that allows you to correct them. I also made a mistake when I started with Social Networking & Collaboration not having proper strategies in place. When I got Rotating Techniques in place it started very bumpily, but it allowed me to easily identify where I needed to take corrective actions.


Trust and trustworthiness are two key components to succeed on Social Networks. I learned through my horses that had some traumatic experiences that trust is built over time. Customers are also vulnerable, and you have to nurture the relationship over time.

nimble has some really unique features here. Two great options are Deals and Activities. Even if the option is called Deals you have tremendous flexibility here. Think outside the box.

If your strategy is not working as you anticipate time is not the problem. Many do the mistake of taking shortcuts, which in the end cause more time delays. Focus on your Rotation Techniques to identify where changes need to be done.

Through Networking, Collaboration, and Engagement you will over time earn trust.


Create a Visual Collage that tells you;

a) Where you are
b) Where you want to go
c) How you see yourself get to b)

Nimble Status Indicators


Since Social Networking is all real-time information one requirement for tools I select is to make planning for the next day a seamless process. It is important that I can make an educated decision based on real-time data.

And the component that for me and all my friends in the Hotel Family is to work with Team with strong Support ethics. My friend at nimble has gone above and beyond here. Today they are among one of the fastest-growing CRM brands as a result of their outstanding service, and willingness to listen to customers wants and needs.

Take a nimble test ride today for Free.


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