When you have a Hotel business, chances are you pretty much are very aware of the state of affairs of the things around you. As a manager, you’re aware of how logistics and operations are going to all aspects of your day-to-day affairs. Missing any one of these can ruin an entire day’s efforts, which can be catastrophic to sales. However, as a manager, have you ever considered the appeal your Hotel has to an online audience? If you have, then read on because you’re on the right track. If not, then you might need a digital marketing agency to help boost your digital presence online.

However, in terms of marketing, it’s important to remember that not all forms of marketing strategies are the same, and therefore not all marketers tackle a subject matter the same way. As such, whether or not a digital marketing company can help you depends on what your needs are. Below are some pros and cons of a digital marketing agency for your Hotel marketing needs.

The Advantages: A Set of Skills for Your Needs

According to Figmints, perhaps to sum up the advantages of digital marketers, it’s that they have a particular set of skills designed to boost the marketing of a company on an online level. People in a marketing company are geared with the skills and the experience needed to do such a task, and are therefore an asset company could use. This is especially the case if a hotel needs effective marketing.

  • Creativity rules: Perhaps one of the most important aspects of any digital marketing company is that creativity plays a huge role in making sure a particular service is appealing to its audiences, and a digital marketing agency can offer the same perks for you. This is especially helpful when it comes to campaign creativity, as new minds may start building new ideas that can work in your favor because they’re quirky and unique.
  • Areas of specialization: Another aspect of digital marketing companies that can help you is that a company more or less will have departments dedicated to an aspect of digital marketing. No longer do you have to rely on a lot of outsourced personnel for something an agency could do.
  • More time for your objectives: When you hire a digital marketing agency to do your marketing, you get a lot of free time to do other relevant parts of operations. This doesn’t mean neglecting marketing per se but giving yourself time to do other things that can also aid your marketing department instead of simply allotting all your time to it.

The Disadvantages: No Industry Guarantee

If there’s any noticeable and discernible disadvantage of digital marketing companies for your hotel marketing needs, it’s that there’s no discernable guarantee that the company you will hire will be able to boost your marketing for your particular industry. Not all marketing agencies are built to specifically support your industry, which means it can get tricky making ends meet in terms of their creative tastes and your objectives.

  • Expenses are a lot: Unfortunately, an obvious downside of hiring a digital marketing agency is the expenses you would incur, especially since it’s like hiring an entirely new department for you to work with.
  • No industry experience: Unfortunately, an obvious setback for digital marketing agencies is that there’s no guarantee that the agency you’re getting is something that worked in your particular niche.
  • Clients take time: Unfortunately, another big setback is the existence of potential other clients your company of choice may have. Remember, if they have other clients, that means you’re not exactly on top of their priority list.

A Point of Interest

Perhaps an extremely important part to consider in this aspect of the deciding process is to understand that while there are pros and cons of choosing a digital marketing agency for your Hotel, in the end, the direction of your digital marketing campaigns to rely on the direction you choose with your Hotel. As such it’s important to be aware of what you want to achieve with your business plan before deciding to hire an ad agency or not. Try to assess if hiring a digital marketing agency is worth your investment, or perhaps training one in-house can be the better option for you.


If you’ve ever been in doubt regarding how a digital marketing agency can be useful for you, the tips above may have listed a few pros and cons that may give you a rough idea of how to proceed with the situation. A digital marketing company like J2H Digital in Connecticut can be a great asset or a great detriment depending on your plans, and this is especially so given there are certain specifics of hotel marketing that are vastly different from marketing campaigns of others.

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Jason Healey is Founder and President of J2H Digital in Connecticut and author of From Ranking To Revenue: A Business Owner’s Guide To Successful Search Engine Optimization with a focus on helping businesses generate measurable revenue from the Internet. Since 2013, Jason has advised over 100 small businesses throughout the US on their digital marketing strategy and execution. Jason is an Online Certified Marketing Professional (OCMP) and has professional certification in Digital Media & Marketing from Duke University.   For 15 years he was in technology sales for companies such as Oracle and managing business development departments for small start-ups in the Boston area. His goal is to teach marketers and business owners how to harness the power of Google & Facebook as key marketing tactics for sales growth.

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