Top Apps Every Working Traveler Must Acquire

Travelers since ancient times have used maps and compasses to navigate around the world, today we have smartphones, and… well, all we need are smartphones. These gadgets are enough to get us through every adventure and help us on our way.

Going on a business trip calls for more than just a nice suit and a passport. From booking, a flight to choosing from a dozen hotels, even a trip to the tropics can turn into a nightmare. To prevent that, and make your life easier, make good use of the best traveling applications on the flooded market.


Some of the biggest hotel chains in the world offer their apps, and such is the case with Hyatt. A bulk of the competition provides just a platform for booking a room and tracking reward points. Hyatt makes an effort to go the extra mile- apart from reservation management, users can check-in and out on the go. However, some people have reported bugs with the system, so be cautious.

This is a mobile version of the website many people have come to adore. Separate apps for mobile devices and tablets are available, with the latter taking better advantage of those extra inches. It has most of the features a hotel application should have. Downloadable city guides for the most attractive travel destinations are a special treat, as you don’t even need a live internet connection to use them.

Hotel Tonight

This third-party hotel application is one of the best for searching for last-minute rooms and scoring discounts up to 70 percent. This company started in the US but is expanding worldwide at a rapid pace- it now has more than 100 metro areas covered. This app is available for android and iOS users, who might also need an expense tracking app to complement it.


This application is used as a travel and expense management tool that enables you to share everything with your manager or financial team. With a point-and-shoot feature, capturing receipts is effortless. Also, you can sync your credit card with Trippeo. The expenditures are then logged automatically, and by integrating with QuickBooks and Xero, the accounting is also made much easier.



This incredible application is excellent for business expense management when traveling. It allows you to scan receipts, receive real-time flight statuses, import credit card transactions, and manage your travel plans. Processing a truckload of reports with just one click of a button is pure joy, and the same goes for reimbursing workers and creating reimbursement guidelines.


Apart from being a great business workstation, this popular application is a must-have traveling, assistant. Scanning business cards and saving them in contacts come in handy while the expense management feature is on par with the best solutions out there. Most importantly, Evernote planning/ managing hotels and flights are like clockwork.

The proper businessman of today has a variety of digital tools at his disposal, and they include traveling, hotel-related, and expense management software. With the advancement of smartphone apps, you can now avoid the hassle of researching tons of rooms and hotels the old-fashioned way. Find the best deals, and book your flights and majestic hotels with just a tap of your finger. When you finally have everything under control, you can relax and focus on the business duties ahead.

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