We frequently use Google to find solutions related to our vacation inquiries. For example, what are the cheapest flights? Which are the best hotels? Or, what are the must-see attractions in our vacation spot? We’re not strangers when it comes to asking these questions through typing.

However, this old scenario has changed in recent days due to the advancement of digital voice assistant technologies (such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, etc.). As a result, more and more people are now using voice search to ask for what they want.

Here is how we can employ voice search in the hotel industry in the future.

Current Status of Voice Search

Though voice search is still in its early stages of adoption, the technology is gaining popularity with time.

Last year, Google revealed that smartphone users activated 20% of their queries via voice commands. Also, the number of users of voice search has increased by more than 40%.

Customers can enjoy the advantage of voice search while they are staying at the hotels. They can easily ask for room service, reserve a table at the hotel restaurant, use entertainment devices without pressing any button.

Hotel management can provide 24/7 consistent support using voice technology. As a customer, you can give your feedback most readily through voice commands.

People are also changing their ways of searching about hotels and planning their tours. As per recent statistics, the use of voice searches to find hotels and flights has increased. Although people are searching for rates and information through voice, they book hotels through devices. So, it is high time the hotel industry used voice search to improve the customer experience.

Future Of Voice Search In The Hotel Industry

Voice search future in the industry of hotels has a very bright future. The technology will provide customer-friendly room reservations, consistent customer support, personalized service, and so on.

1 – Transformation of Booking Procedure

Many people prefer to research and book their trips on their smartphones and tablets. Thus, voice search integration in the hotel industry’s website will result in more user-friendly booking systems. Speaking instead of typing will shorten the response time and speed up the booking process of the hotel.

The voice search option will allow your customers to ask about your hotel room availability and room rates. They will also be able to finalize bookings at the last minute without having to touch their smartphones or electronic devices. Voice technology will allow users to request the following things using voice.

  1. Request room service
  2. Reserve a table in the hotel restaurant
  3. Obtain a gym or pool pass
  4. Make specific requests e.g., fresh towels
  5. Access up-to-date tourist information or weather forecasts
  6. Book excursions

Imagine checking your last-minute packing and completing your hotel booking through a voice search! Voice search does have the potential to make the hotel reservation system more efficient and faster.

2 – Creating A Personalized Experience

Interested hotel customers can now explore hotel options by browsing through a lot of websites. They can quickly become exhausted by scrolling through these hundreds of search results. Voice search aims to deviate potential clients from this ongoing technology. It will enable customers to personalize their search depending on their specific needs.

For example, you can search through the voice command ‘ A 4-star hotel near the Eiffel Tower with a balcony below $250‘.

Google Hotel MapThis specific set of voice search criteria will provide you with a more filtered and tailored collection of search results. As a result, most potential customers will visit your hotel’s website increasing conversion rates.

What To Do If You Are A Hotel Owner

How can you get your hotel’s website ready for searching with voice search technology? The first key thing to remember is that people search by speech in very different ways than they search by text. You can find out a web developer who can help you build a website as per your requirement.

People using voice search ask questions in a conversational tone. As a result, you should start thinking about how you may similarly offer your on-site features. Integration of your website with content in a conversational manner will assist your customers to search through voice.

It will also add a more natural and welcoming touch to your hotel’s branding. If you employ this strategy, travelers will feel more at ease with your hotel brand. They will be more inspired to make a reservation at your hotel.


According to a report, voice searches accounted for 20% of all smartphone searches on Google. So, there is reason to expect that this figure will only rise.

With the advancement of technology, you must keep yourself updated. Voice search integration with your hotel’s website will increase your brand reputation. This will enable your hotels to distinguish themselves from the competition by providing customers a modern experience.


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