What is your Hotels Biggest Social Media Challenge?

Social Media is today the ultimate People to People (P2P) Network. New Media has become an eco-system of real time and fast-paced infomercial channel. Customers use their Network Tribes to get reference point information that helps make educated purchase decisions.

Hotel P2P

Your Hotel is in the palm of your Customer. Customers will expect that your Hotel is capable of delivering outstanding Customer Experiences before they have the set afoot at your Hotel.

It’s NOT about Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube or other Social Networks

You will find your Hotels Customers on most Social Networks today. Customers Social Networks is just a small part of the Social Media Ecosystem.

I will post coaching articles related to most Social Networks, and I will share articles related to the same topics if they add value to the Hotel Family. None of us own Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube or other Social Networks.

If one of these Social Networks should terminate your Hotels account tomorrow would this cause your Hotel to lose Customers?

This is why the Social Media Principles is more important than Social Networks. We have to ask ourselves what type of goals is important goals for our Strategies.

In Traditional Marketing Strategies, there are several great tools available that allows for Hotels to measure Lifetime Customer Value (LCV). Lifetime Customer Value (LCV) can be defined as the dollar value of a customer relationship, based on the present value of the projected future cash flows from the customer relationship.

Understanding how Social Media Principles will effect LCV adds more value to your Hotels Social Media Strategies.

Hotel Social Media Funnel


Social Media Awareness is the ability to perceive patterns. A social business is an organization whose culture and systems encourage networks of people to create business value. Social businesses connect individuals, so they can rapidly share information, knowledge, and ideas by having conversations and publishing informal content. They analyze social content from multiple channels and sources, in addition to structured data.

Hotels that are relatively experienced with Social Media principles and techniques are seeing opportunities to improve specific business processes and their execution through identifying Social Media Patterns. Some Social Media Patterns factors:

  • Shared and Earned Media
  • Network reach
  • New market segments
  • Hotel Info and Expertise
  • Thought Leadership


Social Media provide a unique set of opportunities and challenges for Hotels. There need to be guidelines in place that protect the integrity of the Hotel.

How do Hotels respond to all the live ongoing fast-paced conversations?


Social Media Conversion has been a challenge for all parts of the Social Media ecosystem. Most Hotel Decision-makers will typically look at the ROI at the end of the day. And it can be a complex scenario sometimes to identify that the booking came from a Social Media Channel. Let say I posted a note on my Facebook TimeLine telling my friends to check out http://www.yourhotel.com and if they typed the exact link in their browser there is no way to find out that the referral came from Facebook.

This is not the fault of any Social Network, it is more a part of the evolving process of both coach the Hotels and the Customers.

Part of the coaching process is to implement proper Listening Outposts. This process involves identifying and assessing what is being said about Hotel, product or service on the Internet.

This will set out a foundation for Trust and Relationship Building.

Today brand stays in touch with their Customer through Social Media Tribes.


Your Social Media Advocates represent a core base of your most Loyal Fans. These are the new extended resources Hotels employ to respond in the most efficient way to new Social Media Challenges.


Facebook Native Advertising will help Hotels redefine the customer experience. Take advantage of new innovative strategies that will improve your Hotels ROI.

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Try something new it will magnetize your Hotel!

Be flexible and identify new ways to make guests happy.

As guest behavior and pattern continues to evolve, expectations will continue to rise. Navigating these changes can be challenging. Learn more about how we can help your Hotel.

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