What if your Hotel had a captive audience you could speak to about anything, and they would listen?

They would literarily stop what they were doing, get excited, listen and respond to your Hotels content.

And the best part they would take dedicated actions every time you asked.

Wait a minute! This sounds crazy and too good to be true.

No, with a well-structured, organized high-value Facebook Community it can be done. It really works.

You are building a Community

Humanness identifies a process where Hotels brands implement a humanistic process, which inspires people’s confidence to own and drive the process for effective execution.

When you lead with humanness, vulnerability, and realness, connections get created.

This is a transformational experience where you invite people into your circle to inspire them.

The community becomes a journey of self-discovery and realization that you are part of a high-value movement that is bigger than yourself.

The Community Intent

Every community is a part of a transformational awareness process.

There are four critical components of the Community intent;

  • Influence

Be clear on values, role models and authenticity

  • Inspiration

Have an inspiring vision and sharing it, being optimistic and having a sense of purpose and drive

  • Intellect

Encouraging learning. Reward success learns from setbacks and focuses on value innovation. Create a community that embraces important micro-moments and increases problem-solving.

  • Individualize

Demonstrate a genuine interest in people in a relevant high-value context. Teaching, coach and mentoring are valuable in context with high-value offers that serve the transformational process.

Simple Community Engagement Rules

Don’t make your community so complex that no one really knows what to do.

  • Keep it related to your community intent. Your community will then have a red thread that connects everyone which each other and you.
  • Keep it fun. Your members are there to have fun and talk about that are most relevant to them.
  • Mention your community members, and keep the conversation going – whether it’s something thoughtful or fun – keep members engaged and interested.
  • Give your community members positive reinforcement. Respond to them with likes, emojis, or comments. Let them know you appreciate their contributions to the tribe.

Build your Community around Value Innovation

Every Facebook Community has rules of what is allowed and what isn’t. It is important that all members stick to the community intent and an overall transformation process that supports value innovations.

People today do business with people and brands they like, know and trust.

Inappropriate content should always be removed immediately with an evaluation of the member serves the best interest of the community.

Data sharing for promotional reasons or asking other members to share personal data should be forbidden. Facebook has put in place relevant tools to help communities have more meaningful interactions. This means more person-to-person interactions and exchanges that reflect time and care.

Have more than one person to manage your Facebook community.

Focus on Meaningful Interactions

For most Hotel owners and management teams, it really doesn’t sound very sexy when you tell them that data sharing for promotional reasons should be forbidden.

How does meaningful interaction contribute to the bottom line that really matters to Hotel owners and management teams?

A lot of research and data shows us that customer patterns and behaviors has evolved dramatically over the last years.

Your Hotels digital experience goes way beyond reach and frequency. Today we look at metrics like recency and relevance. Quality content alone is no longer the king.

People today are bombarded with information at a speed that is difficult for many Hotel brands to comprehend. And combined with a smorgasbord of alternatives Hotels have to think outside the box.

Hotels have to understand how meaningful their content is to their audience.

What about revenue and occupancy?

Hotel owners and management teams will in most cases be more than satisfied if you provide them with a qualified lead. When several similar qualified leads don’t turn into real sales opportunities that are when frustrations start to kick in.

Today Hotels have to do research and relevant logistics that help them identify their ideal persona profiles that are interested in learning about their offers/solutions.

  1. Do leads know who you are and what type offers/solutions your Hotel provide?
  2. Do the same leads wake up in the morning saying; “I need to go online today and visit <your Hotel website> to make a reservation”.
  3. Are the same leads likely to have issues and pains that your offer/solutions solve whether they acknowledge it or not?

This is why your Hotels community has to combine awareness and intent with recency and relevance.

You want to build up a momentum where the member is genuinely interested in your Hotels offers/solutions. If they come to your community and can’t find the answer to a. and b. they will more than likely not recognize c.

Meaningful interactions are what will drive the answers for a., b. and c. Once you implement this into your Hotel strategies then Facebook becomes a Firestarter for your next customer portal.

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