Leadership today is challenging for any hotel brand. Though it is not like any hotel leaders intentionally don’t identify and solve challenges related to talent and skills.

I don’t know if there exists such a thing as a perfect leader today. But there is plenty that is willing to make a shift taking imperfect actions.

Today we need hotel leaders that are willing to identify and solve new challenges and seize new opportunities.

Blue ocean leadership represents a framework that drives you to find out what leadership activities should be eliminated, reduced, raised, and created to create a step-change in leadership strength and achieve high impact with a lower investment of time.

This process focuses on innovation – transformation and growth.

Value innovation combined with game-changing ideas will transform your hotel in ways that create new markets and growth.

Combine this with new innovative ongoing training and you have a formula for success.

Ready to create a new culture that prepares your hotels for the 21st-century customer revolution?

Acts and activities that should be changed

Acts and activities that should be changedOften when we talk or interview hotel leaders about employee recruitment and retention, they see this in context with time and resources needed to bring about a change for high performance.

It is often considered easier to change a person’s acts and activities, than their values, qualities, or behaviors.

To achieve these hotel leaders need to involve their employees in strategic decisions that affect them. Get the employee’s input and allow them to reflect on other’s ideas.

With value innovation, I talked about the importance of listening, care, and connect to build a relationship. Engaging with your hotel’s employees in creative ways shows respect for the induvial and their point of view.

This also makes it easier to explain how everyone involved will be affected and why changes are made.

Set expectations in collaboration with the hotel’s employees so they have a clear understanding of the process and can focus on the execution.

Listen, care, connect and engage with a new market reality

Listen, care, connect and engage with a new market realityTo see the changes in today’s markets hotel leaders, need to understand, feel and take quick actions that respond to challenges in real time.

Look at the real context in which your hotel’s offering is used by identifying what happens before, during, and after use of the service offer.

Take advantage of your employees and turn them into brand ambassadors. And allow them to observe customers as they use your hotel services. They will record their insight to help identify new patterns and behaviors.

In a new market reality, hotel leader needs to think outside the box and focus on training that helps employees understand both the inbound and outbound marketing funnel.

Customers are knocking on your hotel’s mobile door. Do you as a leader assure you have put in place every tool and alternatives to make sure the mobile door is open and welcoming?

Hotel leaders need to understand how to use a digital marketing funnel to align their marketing perspectives with new customer perspectives.

digital marketing funnelThis takes hotel leaders through a journey that lays out operational details, actions, and key performance indicators without being distracted or sidetracked.

Distributing leadership

Distributing leadershipOne of the core principles for succeeding with blue ocean leadership is to allow for creative and high-value engagements.

Nothing is more damaging for a hotel than disengaged employees.

What is important for hotel leaders to understand is that the majority of employees want to be engaged.

And more engaged employees are happier they are. The result of this is that they make high-value contributions to the hotel and leads to a successful career when they are properly motivated.

As a great hotel leader, you want your employees to value your leadership. This is why you need to start with looking together with the employees who act and activities that need to be changed.

Empowering your hotel’s leaders and employees through humanness and authenticity builds trust, commitment, and cooperation.

Cost-effective leadership

Cost effective leadershipEveryone recognizes that in today’s market there are challenges that come along with being a profitable hotel and at the same time identifying news to become more cost-effective.

Time and resources are among the top challenges that come up when talking with hoteliers.

Blue ocean leadership recognizes these challenges.

In a cost-effective process, the hotel leaders together with employees identify acts and activities they need to eliminate or reduce, and what they need to raise or create to unlock talent and drive high performers.

Hotel leaders and employees that work together on identifying the acts and activities that take up their time and resources will implement a culture that impacts cost and profits in positive ways.

This process will help convert disengaged employees into engaged employees, and also help to identify new talent.


As a hotel leader, today is important to understand where the leadership stands today, and it is falling short.

Focusing on a digital marketing funnel that analyzes behavior, patterns, and trends in context with a new blue ocean leadership model will create a more enjoyable work environment.

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