In today’s marketplace Hotels is challenged by technology, Social Media, New Media, Digital Media, and consistent innovations. And today mindshare represents the space your Hotel represent in this marketplace.

It is important to understand Hotel Marketing makes up the Marketplace. The more successful your Hotel is at maintaining mindshare, the better chance you have at entering new marketplaces, developing relationships with new accounts and keeping competitors on their toes, and away from your most valued partners.

Content is the influence driver

As we know Hotel Marketing makes up the marketplace. Social Media makes up the community.

The key to success today lay in collaboration with your Hotels community. Create a Framework that brings the right people together.

Many Hotels has got stuck in a pattern of competing on price. When you target the price-conscious segment you will always end up competing with those that offer ‘the lowest price”.

“The lowest price” is a perception that is not representative of the customer patterns. Reports today show us that there is a much stronger connection between quality and price. Customers opt for services and products that may cost more but deliver a superior experience in return.

Customers appreciate that they can pay fair prices for excellent quality and are repeat guest and fierce Hotel brand advocates because of it.

Today largest travel segment – millennials prioritize value and experiences, and they bring this mentality to business travel.” And because of this perspective, they’re more likely to alter their business travel plans to make each trip a more enriching experience.

Data has also shown that millennials business travelers prefer to spend more on their travels but require more bang for their bucks.

Hotels today have is backward believing they lose customers to Airbnb due to price when the facts show it is due to value proposition.

Airbnb has been with the help of their community to create a superior experience platform.

This is why collaboration is so important for Hotels. No one should be able to tell me that Hotels are not capable of delivering a superior experience. Your customer performance will not improve with your Hotels price point. The improvement lays in the value proposition.

Customer performance is the source of inspirations

It has become more important than ever to make sure your Hotels customer service and customer experience design is ready to serve a younger audience the way they want to be served!

Millennials are accustomed to new technology that provides them with instant insight and information, and they seek all in one information tools. Bundling communication, shopping and education is a norm. Online Travel Agencies and Airbnb have made bundling of the customer experience a norm.

Millennials get inspired by the art of sharing. They enjoy sharing all types of experiences with their community. They review, blog, post videos and go live to share micro-moments to amplify their customer experience.

Research shows that millennials want to collaborate with Hotels as long as the information they share matters to the Hotel.

Hotel needs to understand the value of collaboration and co-creating. Millennials are inspired by their community to add valuable micro-moments to their bundle. They want to be in charge of build this experience, and at the same time require your Hotel to meet their expectations.

Customer performance-inspired growth, on the other hand, is the result of a particular approach to within your Hotels community. It puts customer understanding at the center of everything a Hotel does.

However, it goes one step further by elevating the role of the customer within your brand. It brings customers inside, giving them and their perspectives an active role in shaping the strategy and direction of your Hotel and creating improved customer performance as a result.

Triggering the authentic personalized experience

How can Hotels create new value and innovate fast and flexible enough to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive and chaotic global marketplace?

One of the keys to Airbnb success lays in bringing unique, authentic personalized experiences together with better value.

Airbnb doesn’t ask if customers want if they are looking to rent/book a room or rent/book an apartment, they deliberate ask if customers want to book an experience. And on another side, they train how to host an experience.

It doesn’t matter then what side you are on, both sides are part of creating an authentic personalized experience.

Customers that come to the Airbnb website is immediately provided with valuable alternatives to explore. Either they can explore Homes, Experiences or restaurants.

Right from the get-go customers is provided with a bundling alternative.


There is an abundance of opportunities for Hotels that shift their focus towards the authentic personalized experience and avoid being dragged into the “the lowest price” trap.

Hotels that fall into “the lowest price” trap will lose every time!!

Identify creative alternatives for bundling your Hotel service. Discover the real values of the local authentic experience the customers are seeking.

A strategic framework built on mindshare will help your Hotel define the most relevant and valuable space in the new marketplace.

Airbnb has understood the value of bringing the customers onboard and allow them to take ownership of the experience. Not only are the customers telling what they want, but they also are the once that are delivering it.

The transactions are simple and very cost-effective.

The opportunities for Hotels lay in implementing a new value-proposition, simplified transactions, authentic personalized experiences, and collaborative mindshare.

Understand that humanness and transparency really matter.

Are Hotels today prepared for this shift?

If your Hotel need help to put it all together then make sure to let us know.


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