Summer is here and, after missing out on the summer fun for the last two years, the world has never been hungrier for holidays. Most people are now vaccinated, which makes 2022 the perfect year for outdoor lovers to reclaim our old lives of exploration and tourism. This is the time to let loose, travel the world, go to the beach, breathe some fresh air, and do everything we couldn’t do when everyone was locked up at home.

Wherever your preferred destination for these holidays is, one consideration you must keep at the top of your head is accommodation. You cannot afford to gamble with where you sleep while on holiday because your safety & security, health, and fun are all tied up to the accommodation you choose.

There are many accommodation options that you can sample, notably vacation homes and hotels. The latter is the most popular option around the world. Many vacationers prefer spending summer holidays in hotels for many reasons. Among them:

1. Exceptional service

Hotels are designed to offer optimal luxury and comfort to guests. Their staff are trained primarily in the art of pampering guests, giving them personalized care, and making the life of every guest feel as painless as possible. Service providers in most hotels are extremely polite, smiley, and professional. There is nowhere else in the world where everyone around you is trained and instructed to keep you happy and comfortable.

Picture this: Attendants in a hotel will offer you welcome drinks on your arrival, make your room ready for sleep, probably a bottle of wine or champagne, and stay a phone call away in case you need them. If you’re going for a romantic summer, your hotel should be able to help you plan and execute the most romantic staycation for your loved one. And if you’re in a country where English isn’t spoken a lot, a hotel is the only accommodation option you can bet on getting multilingual staff.

2. Optimal safety and security

Hotels place a high emphasis on the security and safety of their guests and their belongings. Many hotels around the world install advanced surveillance technology including hidden cameras, recording devices, motion detectors, face-recognition devices, and anti-tampering systems. And because hotels respect the privacy of their guests, their security systems are not intrusive. They maintain a healthy balance of safety and privacy.

On top of optimizing the safety and security of their guests, reputable hotels also place a high emphasis on the health of all guests. Everything from the diets they serve, the lighting, the air conditioning, carbon &smoke detection systems, firefighting systems, slip and fall protection measures, and even the water they serve is intended to keep you healthy throughout your stay. A hotel will even invest in an RO water filter and connect it to their faucets just to ensure that uncontaminated drinking water is available on demand. And to cap it off, reputable hotels have procedural, clear, and effective emergency response and evacuation plans should the worst occur.

3. Hotels have top-shelf amenities

All the amenities in a luxury hotel spell out royalty. From the slippers you get, the robes, to the towels, everything is over-the-top. Depending on the hotel you’ll be staying in, you might get unlimited access to a pool, a hairdresser/pedicurist, a pleasant spa experience in a sauna, a gym complete with trainers, a fragrant aromatherapy treatment, and even a classy lounge bar/pastry shop/coffee shop.

On top of having a TV in your room, you might also have the option to connect to the Wi-Fi and watch a movie or read a book. And if you need souvenirs and memorabilia, you can always find a gift shop or a curio shop within a five-minute walk. Everything is amazingly convenient!

4. And magnificent views

Hotel rooms are designed to give guests spectacular views, be it the view of a city’s skyline or the sun rising/setting over the ocean. Their terraces are simply wonderful and perfect for enjoyment and relaxation. And remember, you will sit at the terrace and sip your drink without a care in the world. Someone is busy cleaning after you and cooking for you, after all.

5. Beauty and comfort redefined

Everything about hotels is beautiful, cozy, and comfortable. The rooms are big, airy, and breathtakingly beautiful. You can’t help but admire the architectural and aesthetic beauty that most hotels possess. Most of their designs are inspired by local genres, modern imaginative architects, and legendary local designers.

The beds are often extremely large and comfortable, complete with the coziest sheets and pillows you’ve ever slept in. The scents here are delightful too. And if you can afford a suite, everything we just mentioned is significantly amplified.

Final word

Hotels are there to take care of your needs and to satisfy you 24 hours a day, all summer around. That’s why vacationers love them. The key to enjoying your summer is finding the best hotel your budget allows and then making the most of it. Remember not to stay in your room for too long and forget to go out for the ultimate summer experience!

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