Why Social Multi-Channel Strategies is crucial for Hotels

Multi-Channel marketing is not new to Hotel Marketers. It represents the ability to interact with potential customers on various platforms. In this sense, a channel might be print, the internet, database, Webshop, App, Social Media, and Events.

Multi-Channel marketing is important for the simple reason that you must be where your customers are. And they are everywhere. If you need another reason, consider this: Multichannel customers spend three to four times more than single-channel customers do.

A multi-channel Social Media strategy is a crucial aspect of modern Hotel marketing campaigns, but as the number of Social Networks continues to rise, is it beneficial for Hotel brands to try and have a presence on each of them?

Unique Community Personas

Here we will primarily focus on the Social Media aspect of Social Multi-Channel Marketing.

Let start with a look at some key Social Networking Demographic data in the US compiled by Pew Research Center:


71% of adult internet users/58% of the entire adult population

Fully 71% of online American adults use Facebook, a proportion unchanged from August 2013. Usage among seniors continues to increase. Some 56% of internet users ages 65 and older now use Facebook, up from 45% who did so in late 2013 and 35% who did so in late 2012. Women are also particularly likely to use Facebook compared with men, a trend that continues from prior years.


23% of adult internet users/19% of the entire adult population

Some 23% of online adults currently use Twitter, a statistically significant increase compared with the 18% who did so in August 2013. Twitter is particularly popular among those under 50 and the college-educated. Compared with late 2013, the service has seen significant increases among several demographic groups: men, whites, and those ages 65 and older, those who live in households with an annual household income of $50,000 or more, college graduates, and urbanites.


26% of adult internet users/21% of the entire adult population

Some 26% of online adults use Instagram, up from 17% in late 2013. Almost every demographic group saw a significant increase in the proportion of users. Most notably, 53% of young adults ages 18-29 now use the service, compared with 37% who did so in 2013. Besides young adults, women are particularly likely to be on Instagram, along with Hispanics and African-Americans, and those who live in urban or suburban environments.


28% of adult internet users/22% of the entire adult population

Some 28% of online adults use Pinterest, up from the 21% who did so in August 2013. Women continue to dominate the site, as they did in 2013: fully 42% of online women are Pinterest users, compared with just 13% of men (although men did see a significant increase in users from 8% in 2013). While Pinterest remains popular among younger users, there was an 11-point increase between 2013 and 2014 in the proportion of those 50 and older who use the site. Other demographic groups that saw a notable increase in users include whites, those living in the lowest- and highest-income households, those with at least some college experience, and suburban and rural residents.


28% of adult internet users/23% of the entire adult population

Some 28% of online adults are LinkedIn users, up from 22% in August 2013. The site continues to be particularly popular among college graduates, those in higher-income households, and the employed (although the increase in usage by those who are not employed to 21% from 12% in 2013 is notable). College graduates continue to dominate the use of the site. Fully 50% use LinkedIn, a 12-point increase since last year. It is the only platform where those ages 30-64 are more likely to be users than those ages 18-29.

As the data from the Pew Research Center shows these key Social Network channels all contain relevant demographics about your Hotels targeted segments.

Targeted messages are one of the primary challenges. Delivering the right message to the right audience is not enough. The audience has to receive your message, be attentive, receptive, and willing to act. And we all know that on Social Media updates are in real time and they come on us at a really fast pace.

Campaigns are another challenge with Social Media. Hotels today have to create micro-campaigns that can span over key Social Media Networks in a way customers find meaningful and trustworthy.

Proper Response is key to flourish with Social Media. Though one of the primary challenges here has been to identify the reference points that triggered engagement and sales.

One of the keys to address these challenges is to develop a Unique Community Persona.

Customer Experience is one of the most powerful Value Proposition components. Today customers have almost full control of their buying process. With Social Media, they have more choices than ever when it comes to accessing information that will add value to their Hotel Experience. And when the Customer Experience doesn’t meet their expectations they will use the same channels to voice their concerns.

A Social Media community is built on values and interests. A community is an affinity, identity, and kinship that make room for ideas, thoughts, and solutions. When a Social Media community gathers, they aspire and inspire each other intentionally. And their words shine with authenticity. Many Social Networking sites offer platforms for discussion of topics that a community finds mutually interesting or beneficial.

Social Media Communities is also built on trust and trustworthiness. And they will share information from who they like, know and trust.

Utilize Events to take Social Multichannel Marketing to next level

Ideas and thoughts are shared through all key Social Networks. Social Communities help you with targeting your information. Events are like icing on the cake. This is where the Industry authorities, thought leader and Social Media marketers gather to share and exchange new ideas.

No doubt with some of the key Social Networks mentioned here you have access to awesome information. And today with several live streaming channels we can also discuss and exchange new ideas in new forums.

But the key to events is where I meet decision-makers, potential clients, and partners. Plus it provides different perspectives that you can’t capture through any Social Media Network.

This year I will attend Eyefortravel Travel Distribution Summit North America 2015. Been to this event several times, and it keeps improving every time I come back. Several of the attendees are in my Social Media communities, and my goal is to meet new exciting connections I can add to my Community.

If you will be attending Eyefortravel Travel Distribution Summit North America 2015 feel free to connect with me through my Social Networks and leave a comment here so we can meet in Las Vegas. I will do a write-up on my blog about a specific topic and brand that attend the event.

See you there!


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Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes, and trends shaping America and the world.

Eyefortravel is a community where the world’s top online travel brands – from hotels to airlines, online travel agents, cruise, car hire firms and more – come to meet to drive forward growth and innovation in the industry.

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