Why Your Hotel Needs a Social Media Concierge for Weddings

When the world first heard about the concept of a social media concierge for weddings in early 2014, it was scoffed at by the Internet at large. The W hotels’ announcement that they would offer the service for $3,000 per wedding was preposterous, or so some said.

But now, in late 2015, it seems like the laughter has died down as more and more wedding venues are realizing that engaged couples are interested in this kind of service. Weddings are a big revenue source for hotels.

With two million weddings every year in the United States, the wedding industry is a $50 billion business. Sixty percent of the average $25,000 wedding is spent at the venue. The numbers are clear — if couples are interested in a social media strategy for their big day, it is in the best interest of hotels to have a knowledgeable social media concierge available.

In general, a social media concierge will coordinate the online activity before, during and after the wedding. Although many joked that the W’s package was little more than an expensive hashtag, there are many services social media concierges can provide to give their hotels’ wedding clients the best possible experience.

Online Wedding Planning Updates

Before the wedding, the concierge acts in coordination with the wedding planner to update busy couples on any and all wedding details using an online wedding planner. Event planning software like Planning Pod helps clients and planners coordinate guest lists, itineraries, budgets, vendors, transportation and more.

The planning website can serve as a common space for the concierge and couple to share ideas for decorations or to share a website like Shutterstock for finding music to use during the ceremony or reception.

Wedding Websites and Online Registries

Couples have long used wedding websites to inform guests about all of the wedding’s events and direct them to online registries. Hotels may offer website design and help with coordinating unique registries as part of their social media concierge services. The concierge can use the website to tell guests about the wedding hashtag and all other days of Social Media information.

Live-tweeting on the Wedding Day

With any wedding, there are always family and friends who are unable to attend. Having a professional in charge of live-tweeting the wedding day takes the pressure off of the couple (and the guests in attendance) while still allowing a far-away relative or friend to feel like a part of the big day. Some hotels offer to live-stream the ceremony for those who cannot attend. And with today’s technology, we even have Hotels that provide Drone video of a wedding.

This can be combined with a wedding hashtag and that your Hotel creates a Twitter wedding list for the wedding group to easily engage with each other.

Hotels are also starting to discover Social Channels like Periscope.

Posting Wedding Day Images

The wedding day and all of the events leading up to it are a whirlwind for any couple. Having a social media concierge curate and post select images of special moments to the couple’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account during this busy time takes a potentially stressful item off their plates.

Wedding Hashtags

Personalized wedding hashtags are becoming more and more common as a way for guests to share photos of the wedding events, usually on Instagram and Facebook.

The wedding concierge works with the couple to come up with a unique and fun hashtag (like #HappilyEverHarrison or #RuizPartyof2) as well as a non-intrusive strategy to inform and encourage guests to post photos using the couple’s signature tag.

Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is a social media outlet that many couples use to help gather inspiration for their weddings. Another service offered by a social media concierge is to create a Pinterest board after the wedding with professional and candid photos of the wedding day, highlighting how the couple’s inspiration translated into reality.

Wedding Instagram

You can do like Hotel Monaco Baltimore and allow the happy couples to share their Insta Moments on Instagram. And why not also do like Hotel Monaco Baltimore and share the Insta Moments on a dedicated page on your Hotels website.

Which Hotel will be the first to pull off a full-scale Social Media Wedding? Starting with the capturing the Social Media proposal, arrange the wedding with a dedicated hashtag for a Twitter chat and Instagram. And pull off live streaming during the wedding. Finally, end it all with a spectacular honeymoon for the newlyweds.

And don’t forget to send the happy couple anniversary tweets. If you really want the world of mouth effect of this wonderful and special event then sponsor the full-scale Social Media event for some #happycouples.

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