Choosing a contractor for a hotel project isn’t easy. However, there are some factors you should keep in mind during the process. Here are 10 of them:

1. The Length of Time in Business

The length of time in business is a crucial thing to think about as you make a contractor shortlist. Choosing a company that was only established a year or two ago doesn’t guarantee trouble. However, a contractor with decades of experience could bring you peace of mind.

2. Examples of Previous Work

It’s also smart to get acquainted with some of the work a contractor has done before. While doing that research, you may discover a company helped build some of the world’s prettiest hotels or that they’ve assisted with projects that are attention-getting for other reasons, such as eco-friendly measures. Determine if the contractor has done work similar to what you need. If so, that indicates it should be well-equipped to succeed with your project.

3. Recommendations From Trustworthy Peers

Sentiments about contractors can spread through the hospitality industry. That’s why it’s smart to listen to people you trust regarding hotel contractors to hire. For example, you might go to a networking event and casually mention the names of companies that interest you to see what kinds of reactions result. You could also be more direct and ask for a colleague’s opinion. That works well when you know the person has experience with a particular contractor.

4. Whether the Contractor Is Licensed and Insured

State and local requirements vary regarding commercial contractor licenses and insurance. However, you can — and should — check these things yourself. After determining which body in your area issues licenses, you’ll usually be able to verify a contractor’s licensure status by looking in an online database or contacting the licensing entity by phone. Then, regarding insurance, ask for a certificate of coverage from the contractor or insurer.

5. Your Budget

A contracting bid details the total cost of a hotel project. A company submits a proposal, also known as a tender, and you’ll look through all the bids when choosing which contractor to hire. Several things can cause work to go over budget, which is a common occurrence. Even so, it’s essential to set your budget before taking a deep dive into the all-important process of picking a contractor.

6. If the Contractor Guarantees Its Work

Perhaps your project involves only a specific component of the hotel, such as its roof. Reputable roofing contractors will guarantee their work, often for the life expectancy of your chosen roofing material. The same is frequently true if you hire a contractor to do something like painting. The company may guarantee that the paint retains its color and withstands environmental conditions for a particular amount of time.

7. The Safety Record

You should do some digging and check a contracting firm’s safety history. One way to do that is to search through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) database of inspections. You can check for inspection data associated with a particular establishment. It won’t describe specific events, but it will include accidents and complaints. Searching through recent headlines or looking for evidence of safety recognitions could help, too.

8. How the Local Community Perceives the Contractor

The attitudes of community members toward a particular contractor could also influence your ultimate decision. For example, if you choose a multinational company when there’s a locally established one that could do the job just as well, people may accuse you of ignoring the local labor market.

9. Whether Off-Site Construction Is an Option

Off-site construction encompasses any work that happens away from the project’s location. Recent research shows a growing number of contracting professionals working with entities that provide off-site solutions. Those choices can save time and cut costs. It’s also not out of the question for the hospitality sector. Brooklyn, New York, will soon be home to a modular hotel that’s more than 300 feet tall.

10. Communication Quality

The quality of communications with your contractor could make the difference between a hotel project that gets finished as expected and one that goes through numerous setbacks because everyone’s not on the same page. Pay attention to the early communications you have with a contractor. How detailed are the responses, and how quickly do the replies arrive? Those things could set the tone for what to expect if your relationship progresses.

Choose Carefully, Not Hastily

The hotel contractor you choose will shape how your overall project unfolds, and whether it meets your expectations. Thinking about the 10 items listed here should help you narrow the prospects and figure out which companies or professionals are worth your time and money. Be sure to take the time required to weigh the pros and cons of every option under your consideration. Rushing the process could cause preventable blunders.

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