Hotels can no longer primarily focus on the big campaigns, they need to focus on the micro-moments. Content and micro-moments are the new unique campaigns that have the potential to reach a large audience of new and renewed customers.

To capture your Hotels most valuable micro-moments it is key that you train your employees to be storytellers. It is when the stories come to live the eco-system of your Hotels will provide a service standard that will become an important part of the customer experience.

My friend Amber Malone tells a unique story from her experience working at some of the great Hotels in Las Vegas.

The opportunity to deliver a positive guest experience is fiercely competitive and customers are well aware of their options. With guest expectations higher than ever, the pressure to stay relevant is imperative when catering to a clientele that is seeking immediate gratification. For hoteliers to thrive, they must continually seek ways to improve the guest experience.

As the customer, are we impressed with the unique architecture and design elements? Absolutely! What about world-class restaurants? They’re fantastic, aren’t they? How do we feel about award-winning spas, high-end luxury shopping, and fitness centers? We love them right? We value spectacular scenery, which is why we request a high floor with a panoramic view. Although anyone could argue that the aforementioned alone would be enough to guarantee a positive guest experience, it is only the beginning. Today’s guest seeks more than the tangible, it is the authentic interactions between guests and staff, which is the proverbial icing on the cake.

As the employee, my most memorable experiences as a VIP Services Representative were those in which my role in the positive guest experience/story was unscripted. Having room to breathe-authentically, I smiled naturally. I participated in an engaging conversation that sounded more like a real discussion than scripted dialogue. Rather than feeling constrained by the pressure of memorizing a script, I felt empowered to take the personal responsibility of ensuring that my guests enjoyed their stay.

Scripted interactions are predictable, robotic, and easy to spot because they usually sound something like this, “I must meet every service standard-please enjoy your stay.” Sound familiar? Not to say that established and proven procedure doesn’t have its place in the hospitality industry; I’m a firm believer in the need for consistency, but that consistency need not jeopardize authenticity.

What happens when employees are empowered to engage in unscripted authentic guest interactions? As a customer, I found it refreshing to interact with employees authentically. The hotel may be beautiful and I can appreciate a relaxing spa and great food, but what impresses me is consistent, authentic and personalized service. Maybe it’s because I’ve been on the other side of the desk or maybe it’s because like you, I’m human. I appreciate making great connections in a beautiful atmosphere and I’m aware of my options.

Authentic guest interactions go beyond service standards. Like many professionals in the hospitality industry, my journey began at the front desk; an area primed with opportunities to create positive guest experiences. Too often, long check-in lines increase the pressure to “stick to the script” or revert to predictable dialogue. When employees are encouraged to go above and beyond the script, they rediscover why they chose the hospitality profession and naturally seek out opportunities to raise the standard of excellence. I’ve witnessed guests walk up to the counter very upset and walk away thanking the employee with a smile. How did that happen? I can tell you it didn’t happen by repeating a string of overly used clichés.

Authentic guest interactions happen organically. When employees are empowered to focus on creating positive guest experiences rather than the long check-in lines, authentic interactions are inevitable. As the customer, I value service that is “at the moment”- as an employee I appreciated being in the moment.

In short, raising the standard of excellence in hospitality requires employees to be allowed to deliver on the brand promise authentically. Forward-thinking hoteliers recognize this as a part of their brand expectation.

“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” ~ Walt Disney


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Amber specialize in strategies to ensure hospitality leaders and team members overcome language barriers and make AUTHENTIC language connections in the process. Her passion and values build on these principles to create a positive guest experience.”

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