Traveling often offers a great experience, and many people look forward to their journeys. When visiting a new place, there is always a lot to learn about different cultures, history, and people. But this adventure can also bring health complications that can make the whole experience unpleasant.

No one likes to fall sick while traveling, but for some people, it is unavoidable. For some, their body reacts to different environments in a way that causes pain, travel anxiety, insomnia, dehydration, diarrhea, and other health complications.

If you usually experience such problems while traveling, you can use CBDfx gummies for dealing with anxiety. Travel anxiety is often the cause of psychological health problems while traveling. If you effectively manage your stress, you will better keep most of the issues at bay.

Common Health Issues While Traveling and Their Remedies

1. Travel Anxiety

Many people who suffer from motion sickness and travel anxiety can use anti-anxiety medications to manage these conditions. Studies show that CBD, in many forms such as edibles, oil, tinctures, balms, etc is capable of managing stress.

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If you have tried conventional anxiety medications and found them ineffective, you can talk to your doctor and give shrooms a shot. A single dose of the shrooms could decrease your anxiety and help you enjoy your travel.

2. Gastrointestinal Infections

Gastrointestinal infection is the most common travel-related sickness, affecting over 50 percent of travelers. Travelers usually pick gastrointestinal infections from untreated water and poorly prepared food. Contaminated food and water can cause stomach pains, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

Hands are a major carrier of germs and can contaminate your food, water, or sensitive body parts like the mouth. So, wash your hands frequently, and before eating anything. If you have to eat fruits, make sure they are washed with bottled water. Avoid local water since it could be contaminated.

Always use bottled water and use boiled water, water purifiers, or tablets where that is not possible. Similarly, avoid partially cooked food. Even if you love shellfish, try to avoid it during your travel period. Other foods you should avoid include fresh milk, fresh salad, and food exposed to ambient temperatures.

3. Infectious Diseases

Insects pose a risk factor for travelers as they can easily transmit diseases. Insects such as flies and mosquitos can host various diseases. Malaria, for example, is a nightmare for travelers visiting tropical regions.

People associated mosquitos mainly with malaria, but these tiny insects actually present more problems than just malaria. Mosquitos are responsible for most other infectious diseases such as dengue fever, yellow fever, and Zika virus.

Infectious Diseases

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It is advisable to avoid mosquito bites to increases your chances of not contracting these diseases while traveling. Mosquitos are mainly a threat during the night, so you want to avoid infested areas such as bush and damp areas at night.

Use a mosquito repellent with 20 percent picaridin or 30 percent diethyltoluamide (DEET). DEET is highly effective as it binds to CO2 olfactory receptors in the nose-like appendage that mosquito uses to prick the skin. DEET just prevents the mosquitos from smelling their environment so you will still have to contend with their buzzing as you try to sleep.

Mosquitos and other flying insects do not like strong air currents, so having the air conditioner on will also help keep them away. The room should also be well screened and, if possible, soak your clothes in permethrin or other repellents before traveling.

Clothing that covers the limbs and the use of closed shoes will also help protect your skin from insects.

4. Influenza and Tuberculosis

World Health Organization (WHO) warns that you should be wary of TB when traveling to Southeast Asia, Africa, and West Pacific as they account for 44%, 24%, and 18% of global cases, respectively.

Influenza and Tuberculosis (TB) are primarily airborne diseases that are relatively easy to contract. You can get these diseases when an infected person spits, sneezes, or coughs, releasing the germs into the air.

If you are traveling to high-risk areas, avoid close contact with potentials patients, avoid crowded and enclosed environments. Also, maintain personal hygiene such as washing body and hands to reduce the risk of transmission.

What if you are taking a trip that includes a flight?

You’re taking a trip that involves a flight…

Will CBD make it through the necessary security screening?

Will you have trouble crossing international or state lines? What about law enforcement throughout the process?

Are you going to be arrested and/or embarrassed in front of everyone at the airport?!

Each of these questions (and more) has likely crossed your mind – and that’s okay!

Here’s the simple answer: if you’re flying domestically, TSA allows you to bring hemp-derived CBD with you on your flight.  Things aren’t as clear with local police departments. Learn more at CBD-Central.

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