Happiness Uplift: Capitalizing on Building Upward Momentum for Hotels

Where (or when) does Social Media Success start?

Hotels and traditional Marketing Strategies in itself are very complex. Add Social Media into this mix and you have a lot of challenged and pressed Hotel Marketers working hard to figure their next move.

Even if Social Media is real time and require instant response strategies Hotels still need a map to guide them through the Social Media Jungle.

The challenge for many Hotelier is when concerns arise they tend to take the route of least resistance. When a challenge arises (and trust me it will) there are three alternative maps your Hotel can follow;

      The Loop: Keep circling around where you are. The concerns do not create any changes, and you end up back at Status Que.
      Downward Spiral: Leads towards further concerns and you are worse off after the event. Many tend to avoid conflicts and challenges.
      Upwards Lift: This leads us from failure and setbacks to a place where we are even stronger and more capable then before the concern.

Ideally, we want to follow the Upwards Lift map. But ironically the map that is the most productive and positive is the ones many Hoteliers have a problem seeing.

Celebrate Failure

I have no idea who implanted the notion that Social Media equals perfection. Imperfect actions have never been more relevant than now. Imperfection is the new opportunities for Hoteliers to capitalize on. This is a stepping stone to greatness.

Finding the Upwards Lift

Concerns and imperfect actions are catalysts that provide us with key indicators on what to do next. Ideally, we want to be as proactive as possible so concerns don’t happen in the first place. But we live in an imperfect world.

Don’t take for granted the impact your Hotel Employees will have on your brand.

For me working with Social Media Management for Hotels is all about a new mindset. The key is to identify the small trigger points that bring delight and surprise to your Social Community.


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About the author

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