Success in a business nowadays largely depends on maintaining a vibrant online presence. Your brand must become familiar and remain on the radar of your target audiences. This is easier said than done in a world where your potential and present customers are inundated by digital content. You need professionals to raise your digital profile to meet your marketing goals. A professional digital marketing agency is your best partner.

The pros of digital marketing agency are that they handle several digital marketing tasks that would otherwise be complicated and time-consuming for an ordinary business owner. What are some of these tasks?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO aims at making your website more visible to search engines. Google alone accounts for 72% of the web’s traffic. Most of your customers will start with a Google search when looking for solutions to their problems. Good SEO ensures your brand comes out tops when people do a search that touches on the product or services you offer.

The good thing is that having a high rank on Google also raises your profile on other search engines since they use almost similar ranking metrics to gauge your site’s appropriateness to a search. A digital marketing agency works on different aspects that help your website rank higher. These tasks include:

User Experience Evaluation

Google weighs user evaluation highly because visitors can only use Google services when they can access websites comfortably. A digital marketing agency can evaluate your user experience and recommend necessary adjustments.

SEO Campaign

SEO is an ongoing exercise to keep up with changes in search engine algorithms. You must work on both paid and non-paid (organic) SEO efforts. Organic SEO tasks like keyword optimization, content generation, and image optimization are technical tasks. Paid advertising campaigns (PPC) require a good understanding of analytics to target your audience properly. A digital marketing agency is better equipped to handle these tasks.

Link Building

The ease of navigation is also a ranking metric. Google will downgrade your website if there are broken links that impede user experience. You need to weed out broken links. Link building to websites with higher ranking raises your website’s ranking. You will need to create guest blog posts and build links to popular forums to raise your site’s domain authority.

Social Media Advertising

For audience targeting, Facebook is the best platform for reaching your profiled audience. You can target your audience by demographics, location, hobbies, life events, careers, and several other aspects that help narrow your audience to the most relevant.

You need to plan for advertising on different social media platforms according to their content regulations. For example, Instagram ads can only be 3-60 seconds long, and a maximum resolution of 1080×1080  pixels.

Video marketing is a crucial part of social media marketing since a large section of social media users prefer video content over text. A video ad is  3x more likely to get clicked through than a text ad. Video content also has the powerful advantage of crossing language barriers. This point is very crucial when you are trying to penetrate a multiethnic market.

You need a professional who can observe the different content regulations and do proper targeting. It improves your social media campaign’s Return on Investment (RoI).

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the effort to gain information that will lead you to new customers. Building email and telephone number lists are the most popular lead generation methods. You need to set up lead generation platforms like landing pages, SMS opt-ins, and social media likes. These leads can then be nurtured and led down the sales funnel to conversion.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile has become the dominant internet access platform today, having overtaken desktop traffic a few years back. There are very good reasons for mobile marketing.  78% of people who do local searches for local businesses on mobile made a purchase.

Creating geo-targeted ads on Facebook and Google is a powerful mobile marketing tactic since most of your potential customers are already in the vicinity. Mobile PPC will also help you reach your target audience faster.

Mobile opt-ins are very useful in lead generation. You can collect mobile numbers online and offline. These are more promising leads you can reach through personalized SMS. Mobile SMS campaigns are powerful because SMS opening rates are higher than email.

Email Marketing

Email is old but still efficient as a marketing tool. Email marketing allows you to deliver longer and richer content, which your audience finds valuable. It is very useful in nurturing leads. It is also cheap to set up and reaches a wide audience with a simple click.

Engaging a digital marketing agency can boost your digital marketing efforts in a big way. Remember, these are professionals who have the technical know-how to do these tasks competently. You will achieve your marketing goals faster and grow your business quicker.

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