How Hotel Marketing Can Boost Patronage for An Establishment


The hospitality business is highly competitive with each establishment seeking to assert itself as the one which offers the best consummate accommodation experience. With the increase in travel for business or tourist purposes, there is an equally high demand for excellent quality hotel services.

The rising trends of social media have prompted hotels to upgrade their advert and awareness strategies to remain relevant and visible in the competitive world of hospitality and this is achieved today through Hotel Marketing.

How Hotel Marketing Works

Hotel Marketing is any marketing strategy hotels use to portray a positive and desirable image of their brand, thus promoting their business and attracting customers. These strategies make the establishments desirable enough for customers to want to patronize them.

Hotel Marketing is primarily an online affair. With the advent of the internet, flyers, posters and newspaper ads are grossly insufficient to reach out to wider business prospects. There are a vast number of potential customers a hotel would like to reach and the major medium through which this strategy gets across is social media.

This is a primary way of reaching users who are constantly online. Apps and blogs make all the difference in creating awareness as it places the hotel and the services they offer right in front of their target customers right in the very comfort of their homes.

Hotel Marketers and How They Work

The people who specialize in this field of work are called Hotel Marketers. Largely an online business, Hotel Marketers are saddled with the task of helping brands to be visible and grow by creating a desirable image for their clients and convince customers that their hotel offers the best services hospitality has to offer.

They are often skilled marketers and social media savvy with a good understanding of how those intricate systems operate and how to maximize them to their full potential to get favorable results. Among other strategies used in marketing, hotels are the use of pop up and video ads.

Tastefully displayed images appeal to customers while videos tell a detailed story describing what the brand has to offer. Influencers also come in handy to Hotel Marketers when they throw their weight behind an establishment and vouch for it causing their followers to patronize. A sample of a location whose tourist and hospitality sector has benefitted largely from Hotel Marketing is Mykonos, Greece.

A Case Study of Greece

Greece is a major travel destination in the world today, particularly the island of Mykonos in the Cyclades. Its scenic whitewashed structures and crystal blue waters draw in millions each year and with the influx, a need for the best hospitality experience one can afford in required. People travel to the island each year to experience the culture and history of the picturesque island has to offer.

This, in turn, has raised the need for suitable accommodations to suit any and every taste and budget. Several world-class accommodations have gone up in the last few decades providing numerous options and hotel marketers proffer several ways to book your hotel in Mykonos. Topping that list is the Adorno Suites. Intelligent and strategic hotel marketing has placed Adorno at the forefront of seaside affordable luxury accommodations in Mykonos.

It gives off an impression of luxury relaxation at affordable prices with services that can’t be beaten, quality guests look for in any hotel and for which a satisfied customer can make referrals. Capitalizing on its unique and tasteful yet simple and traditional style, Adorno has succeeded in marketing itself as the poster child of true Grecian hospitality.


Hotel marketing is more than just creating awareness about a product it is about giving a brand a competitive edge by creating an appealing and attractive image that customers are willing to buy into.

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